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Hi guys

I am new to the forum and in look of some much needed help. So please have a read and see if you can help me....

Ok, so I did Lighterlife 2 years ago. Loved it, thought it was some sacrid thing....stuck to it 100%. Lost 3 and a half stone and was loving everything in the world.

Till, Everyone started stressing me out - people decided they knew how I should eat, when I should eat etc etc. And i crumbled and gave in.

Can't complain too much as I only put a stone and a half back on so at least I'm not as heavy as I was in the beginning.

So now i am desperate to lose this extra I have gained and noway can afford lighterlife unfortunately (plus am ashamed to go back as I was so proud to have finished it!!)

Found out about Cambridge in the summer and went for a few weeks and surely enough the weight dropped off, till now, and I can't stick to it. I don't know whats come over me. I went on holiday last month and had done 2 weeks on the run up in sept (went on holiday in October) lost half a stone, then gained on holiday, lost 6lbs when I got back and now I've tried sticking to it for the last 3-4 weeks and just can't.

Ha, its driving me barmy - I keep looking at dresses size 10 in the HOPE that they will inspire me, and they do, but by evening time I've forgotten about it and have a slice of bread or a mince pie.:cry:

I soooooooo want to get back to that 'zone' but have lost my way and wondered if any of you have had the same?

When i stick to it, it works wonders. And i do alot of horse riding, and want to be fity and light to ride (as I was when I finsihed Lighterlife):sigh:

Sorry for the long thread - getting carried away lol

Love to hear any ideas

Sweetiepie (as you can tell I LOVE Pies!!) lol xx

By the way I just love the animated smilies on this site :D
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Have you thought about trying ss+ instead of ss so that you can have a meal in the evening - you say that's when you seem to fall off. I often have a small salad (v small though - 50g chicken, lettuce, cucumber, mushrooms and green peppers) on the days where i really feel like i need something extra and found that this has really helped me to get through the moments when i feel a little weaker.

Remind yourself how good you felt at goal and don't be afraid of moving to a higher plan if you need to x


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thanks for the reply!

That sounds like a good idea - will give it a go, if it helped you, then it may do the trick. You've done really really well. Well done you! I'm just over 11stone now, so to down to 10 would be the best.

I have just had a look on here and hearing/reading peoples successes helps.


Down boy!
There are a lot of inspiring stories here to help and look at some of the before and after photos on the link at the top for an extra boost!
I have found a website as well that is quite helpful; normaleating.com which is what we are all going to have to do eventually.
Hope you stick with it, it must feel wonderful to reach goal weight. ;)