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  1. maryjoe

    maryjoe Member

    Hey can if any of u maintainers tell me if use stuck and stop losing weight near ur target? Here's my story' lol
    Hey all! I've been on lipotrim since July and lost over 7 stone And have had great weight losses, however getting to 8stone 6 and was sticking losing no more so at Xmas I ate and put on a stone kicking off the weigh loss again last week I was down to 8 11 again and I seam to have lost nothing this week :( can anyone give me any advise/help how to lose that last 11 pounds?? I would really be greatfull!
    A dissapointed lipotrimmer! :(
  2. summergurl

    summergurl ‚ô•3 Years Maintaining‚ô•

    Welcome to the club, if you find the answer in how to lose that last little bit please share with us!! :p
  3. maryjoe

    maryjoe Member

    Haha!! Have you stuck aswell? How much have you lost if you don't mind me asking!? :/ it's really dishearting, so close but yet so far!

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