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Hello every1
i am on day 4 of CB SS - i dont feel hungry at all (not sure if i really am not hungry or am imagining it coz i wanna succeed), i havent cheated at all... i am drinkin up to 4l of water per day and having 3 sachets.
i have lost 7lb's already, and am wondering if the weight loss slows down after the 1st or 2nd week or if its always like this?
also, how do you know if ur in ketosis... i have a bit of bad breath...is this any sign? lol

i'm new to this site so not sure ive done it right, but any help would be great :)
sam :confused:
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Hi Sammy

Welcome to CD and to Minis! 7lbs so far is great!! First week is usually a big loss and then it settles down a bit but should average at about 1 stone per month.

Bad breath is a sure sign of ketosis! It usually kicks in around day 3/4.

Congratulations on taking the decision to start CD and good luck with your journey - I look forward to hearing more about it.



Fed up of being fat
Hi Sammy, welcome aboard!!

Well done on the 7lbs, thats great. Your first week is always the biggest reduction of pounds if you stick to the diet and as Porgeous said, you should average a stone a month after that.

You can get certain mouth sprays: gold spot is one to help with the breath if needed and some peeps here chew certain gum too.

Keep at it, drink lots, its a great diet and post here often for lots of support from the great people at minimins.
thanks for the help...
Porgeous....you look fab....how long did it take you to lose the weight... i started at 13.11, and am aiming to get down to 10. my councillor told me i should reach by april - would be fab if i did...
i am determind to get down to that without cheating etc. but im scared of say i have a mouthfull of food, will the weight pile straight back on and be kicked out of ketosis?
also, i was told i am allowed coke zero - does this mean i can have other zero drinks too?

thanks 4 ur help :D
Thanks Sammy, I started at 14st on 7th August, I lost 3 and a half stone in the first three months and then it slowed down as I started working up the plans. Try not to cheat if you possibly can as it makes things so much more difficult, ketosis protects you from hunger and by eating you risk coming out of ketosis and the hunger pangs returning if you see what I mean. As long as you follow the programmes and work up through the plans you shouldn't gain when you start eating again.

I haven't had any fizzy drinks so can't help much beyond knowing that a small amount of coke zero is allowed.

Good luck!



Addicted to Minimins!
Well done for losing 7lbs already!! Bad breath is a sign you're in ketosis and the weight loss will slow down after the first couple of weeks but then you should be losing about a stone a month - some people lose a bit more some a bit less.
it sounds good and ot looks as if every1 is doing great!
ive tried weight watchers and slimming world in the pastbut becasue ur eating normal food i tended to phase out an carry on as normal - at least with the cb you can see and feel the results pretty much straight away which i think is a great help!
its gona b a long few months, but it will be worth it :)
not sure what it will be like to fit in to clothes smaller than 14/16!!

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