Slimming world is really good and if you can't afford to go to a group you can do it on your own! There is literally every slimming world recipe online and you can have 15 syns a day, I will tell you what I had today
Lunch- bacthelors Chinese rice all of these are syn free and good for quick lunches plus I had an apple!
Dinner- 4 tesco light choices sausages 1 syn each with roast potatoes, sweetcorn and peas and gravy it was very filling
Snacks- weight watchers fat free toffee yogurt syn free and I will use the rest of my syns on a daime bar 7.5 syns :)
Hope you find a diet that is good for you


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That's all sounds lovely, think I might give that one ago! Just want to be back to my old self! I wanna lose 3 stone so it's not loads really. I'm sure ill get there. Thanks :)