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  1. GemmaJoanna

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    Hi all

    I have just joined after looking online for hints and tips and this group seems very helpful.

    I started to diet end of November and weighing in at 14st6, I've managed to get down to 13st13. I don't have a set goal for weight as such but would like to be able to fit into a size 10/12. (Size 16 atm).

    I go to the gym atleast 4 times a week for 1hr30. I've joined slimming world but it almost seems to good to be true, I'm a little sceptical what with eating "unlimited" potatoes, pasta, rice, fruit, veg etc (most of which I avoid). Does it actually work or would I be better off meal replacement shakes/calorie counting/weight watchers etc??

    I would really appreciate some advice ?.
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  3. Jenkat

    Jenkat Member

    I don't think any of those unlimited eat what u want plans really work. I have tried everything and when all is said and do e the only thing that I going to work for the rest of ur life is a life style change in the way u view food. It's about portion and havin the right balance of food. A plate should always be half veggies a fist size portion of protein and half of that of carbs. It sounds extreem but that's what our bodies r designed for. I know when u reach a stuck point in weight loss u should up protein. For myself I know I do no enjoy eating breakfast so I do drink a high protein low carb slim fast but it's not because I am on that plan. It's just so I can get my breakfast in. U have to do what work for u. It's a lol of trail and error bu you have come so far and you can do the rest. If counting calories works for you I wouldn't rule that out either. That's the advice my doctors always give me. Then maybe u can see where u can't twerk ur diet. Also maybe try weight lifting to help if u haven't already. My personal trainer when I had one had me so one day of cardo then one day of weights then one day of core workout. It's about muscle confusion and it really works. I lost weight and changed my body. But now I am starting all over so I envy how far u have come.
  4. NicoleB89

    NicoleB89 New Member

    Hi I done weight watchers and it really helped me I would give it a go :) good luck!!
  5. babypat

    babypat Gold Member

    Hiya welcome to the forum. I think most diets work. It depends on which one u can handle based on ur circumstances. Good luck on whichever one you decide.
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