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  1. Martinb17

    Martinb17 New Member

    Hello everyone, and I hope you all had a great Christmas and New year.

    I started Cambridge diet for the second time on Monday, today is day 5 on sole sorce, but though I am STARVING!!! I caved and had a packet of qua ours and a bottle of coke zero.

    i feel so disappointed and guilty but just wanted to know if anyone has slipped around the same time and managed to carry on and get the job done?

    i weighed 16 stone 6lbs on Monday morning and today weigh 15 st 12lb so 8lb in total. Why is this not enough to stop me eating? I'm so pleased with this result so far but need to keep going.

    Hope everyone is managing better than me!

    good luck

    Martin :)
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  3. Martinb17

    Martinb17 New Member

    Hi everyone, doing much better now. I'm on day 8 and still with the plan, feeling fine just still hungry!! I'm still craving crisps and sweets, and a Burger King. Not giving in though. Ordered more products from Cambridge Consultant should be here by Friday, as all I have is Chocolate.

    Hope eveyone one is hanging in there.

    martin x
  4. Martinb17

    Martinb17 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    hope everyone is doing well. I'm getting there, I'm now 15st 4 which means 1 stone 2 lbs off in 3 weeks!! Very happy to keep going as the results are great. Still struggling when I situations where my friends or colleagues are having something but have resisted so far. Keep up the good work and we will get there! :)

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