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  1. katieangel27

    katieangel27 Full Member

    day 2 and struggling :(
    it is almost 6:30 in the evening and the temptation to eat is torture
    someone talk me down please
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  3. IrishSam

    IrishSam Member

    Hey Katie:)

    It WILL get easier...and soon. Hope you're managing to stick with it. Once you go into ketosis you will find it much easier, and as most people have said it's all about the water. I'm on my 4th week (2nd attempt) and have lost nearly 2 stone. I drink 3 litres of water a day as well as my shakes and honestly have never felt hungry. The water staves off headaches and fuzzy tongue/bad breath too. It's so important. The couple of times I've thought about food were not even about hunger, it's definitely made me realise how my relationship with food is psychological. That may be harder to fix than the size of my backside, unfortunately :D

    Don't give in!! The beginning is definitely the hardest and once you get through these first few days you'll be great. And watching the numbers on the scale go down, and so quickly, makes it all worth it. Good luck and don't forget, you're not alone. We will do this!! (By the way, although this forum is pretty quiet lately it's really encouraging to read through the past posts to see what others have done. This diet really is fantastic) Stay in touch! x
  4. katieangel27

    katieangel27 Full Member

    hi Sam thanks
    managed to recover I am now in ketosis :)

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