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I started the CD today, Strawberry Shake for Breakfast, Banana for Lunch and I have just had to have my Soup 2 hours earlier than planned. Ihave had a pint of Coke Zero and 2 pints of water to drink so far plus a small bottle of sparkling water.

The Shakes and Soups were very nice however I AM STARVING!!! HELP!! IO know its only day one and I refuse to give in and eat -anyway I emptied my fridge and gave the food to my neighbour and my dad is coming round tomorrow to help himself to whats in my cupboard.

I also have a dry mouth is that normal? I realise it could take me 2-3 days to get used to it and then the hunger should vanish - am I right in thinking this? If I could have another soup today I would be fine but I have about 6 hours before I go to bed and 14 hours before my next Shake. I know thinking about it will make it worse but this is the hardest diet I have tried but I want it to work.
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Will be slim!!!!!!!
aww beilive me its happend to all of us, dry mouth means you should be drinking more! i was starving for the first 2/3 days but after that you feel great, the hunger goes and you get more energy, stick with it! its so worth it
Right 3 days that means by Sunday I should be OK. Its only 2 more days after all, I just cant bear feeling this hungry all week.

Thanks Jackie


Will be slim!!!!!!!
yeah just two little days, try having early nights i found that really helped!! no worries, beilive me i felt just like you and im on week 3 cant beilive how fast the time has passed! and iv lost almost a stone its great


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Drink loads of water, have a bath, paint your nails (that's a good 10mins of not nibbling in itself!) Come on here and look at the inspiration slide show. Before you know it day 1 will be over and you will feel such a sense of achievement that you wont want to ruin day 2, then you will think 1 more day of being hungry and after that things get better - honest.
Goos luck
Thanks everyone, ive just finished my 2nd pint of water since my last post. Read the info about drinking lots of water - very interesting. Off to read about Ketosis.

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