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  1. roundrachel

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    I'm now on day seven of RTM and have gone completely off the rails. I never thought I would as I've not strayed on abstinence once.

    I've just been completely overcome by this massive hunger andam eating huge portion sizes.

    The scales at home are saying I've put on weight as I'm sure I have. I'm contantly arguing with myself in my head.

    It seems my all or nothing approach to life is back to haunt me. Old habits die hard but I'm desperate to break this one and get back on track as soon as possible.

    Don't have a weigh in until thursday.

    I don't ant sympathy. It's my fault I'm going off track. Just some advice as to how I can change my thought patterns would be useful.

    I think the thing at the moment is that I can eat, therefore I can eat as much as I want (of the right things of course)

    I'm missing shakes and having food instead. Grrrr. So angry with myself!!
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  3. icemoose

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    Hiya :)

    Firstly well done on your reduction!! Absolutely fantastic!!!

    The return to food and finding moderation after abstination is the key to being slim long term, therefore this is when your LL counsellor is worth their weight in gold, so I would recommend strongly you phone them and ask for advice.

    Remember you have lost the duvet of ketosis for hunger protection so you will need to make sure you are aware of this and deal with it appropriately.

    I remember when I first got to goal weight that I was "scared" of eating anything in case I suddenly put 12 stone back on but the reality is that you won't! But what you need is grounded sound advice and your counsellor can give you that.

    Take pride in finishing phase 1 which is getting slim, now it is time to enjoy phase 2 which is getting on with the rest of your life and getting food off your radar of things to worry about.

  4. roundrachel

    roundrachel Silver Member

    Lighter Life
    thanks all for your advice. I'm trying to keep on track but just can't believe how hungry I am. I started the pill 6 weeks ago to get on top of a problem ovarian cyst so I guess that may be it but I need to learn to live with it so need to get back on track.
    Have rung and left a message with my LLC. I know she has a busy night tonight but hopefully she'll be able to get back to me soon.
    Not going to beat myself up about it. Just get back on track- 5 minutes at a time!
  5. Less Rotund One

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    Rachel, firstly, what an amazing weight loss.

    After so long without any food, it must be difficult to get back into thinking about portion sizes etc - and you will be a little like a kid in a sweetshop I suspect.

    Remember that you will need something like 1800 calories a day to maintain your weight - and that will take some eating after having soup and shakes all the while.

    I must admit, its something that does scare me too. I am on W8 and we do have food but maintaining my weight loss has always been the bit I have found a challenge in the past. I just keep thinking that if I have done without carbs etc for so long, then surely I can cut back....fingers crossed.

    As everyone else says - no point beating yourself up. What's eaten is now in your digestive system and there's no getting it back.....

    LRO xx
  6. roundrachel

    roundrachel Silver Member

    Lighter Life
    water intake is just the same. 4-5 litres minimum every day. I know we're supposed to have trigger weeks- but not on week one lol.
    I'm sure I'll steady things up again tomorrow and get on track.
  7. roundrachel

    roundrachel Silver Member

    Lighter Life
    Have spoken to my LLC and don't feel too bad. It's only early days and I'm not the world's worst for going off track!

    I've typed up what I'm going to eat for the rest of the week so shoudn't stray.

    I keep saying the key to LL has been being organised and I've clearly not done that thus far, hence me going off track!

    Back to the plan tomorrow. It's going to be ok :)
  8. Tange

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    That is my secret to maintaining...plan plan and plan some more. The times I put on weight was on holiday (because I ate all the wrong things and too much) and the weeks when I do not plan I also put on weight.
    Hang in the chicka you will be fine. You should not be out of ketosis in the first week either unless you have had carbs. It is not easy but its possible. I have to keep reminding myself that I need food to fuel my body not for other reasons.

    You have motivated me to loose that last stone that I told myself I would loose in RTM, I think you have done brilliantly.
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