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Can any one help me please.....:cry:

I am going to have to finish LL on December 17th due to financial problems, I am really panicking about eating human food again, I don't want to put back on the weight that I have lost.
Do any of you have any suggestions or ideas of a LC diet that I can follow to maintain the weight I have lost so far?

Thanking you in anticipation, and thank you BL xxxx
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nearly there!! :)
sorry u have to stop hunni, i to was gonna say how bout starting rtm, this way ur reintroducing food in the ll way etc. hope this helps xxx


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Thank you, will have a word with LLC tomorrow night at weigh.

Thanks again



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Good luck Rach

Sorry you have to stop.
RTM is an option because you haven't got much more to lose have you. You only pay for the packs you have and can stil attend the RTM sessions.
Another option would be CD which is similar without the CBT/counselling and is cheaper.
Good luck.


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In the RTM subforum on here, there is a week-by-week breakdown of what food you can introduce each week.

Substitute the food packs which you would have normally bought with high-protein, low carb alternatives - that is the protein portion of week1 and 2... and follow the weekly breakdown...

For portion advice and guidance, just ask here on the forum...

I'm on RTM now, and the plan is good... DIY RTM using us for help is not ideal, but its an option ( a good one in my opinion)...

What does everyone else think?

Maybe you can find an RTM 'Buddy' on here who doesn't mind sharing a phone number, and you can get the practical info from them...


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Thank you


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Celebrity slim is about £25 a week for 14 shakes/soups - similar high protein lower carb shakes/bars to LL, to which you add a balanced meal of lean protein and veggies plus snacks - available at Rowlands chemist or buy online
Buy Celebrity Slim exclusively at Rowlands Pharmacy - Rowlands Pharmacy
Don't let money issues stop you, you've done so very well Rachel and you're an inspiration to those of us starting out.


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I spoke to my LLC last night and she is going to sell me a RTM book so I can follow it but not buy the packs for now.
I asked if I can go back once my husband has another job and she was fine about it even said I can still go and get weighed each week if i want to.


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Well that's good then! At least you have options. I hope everything works out for you honey. And remember us (and the RTM forum too) when you need some help along the way!

Good Luck!

B x


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Good compromise

GOOD LUCK. I'm sure you will be fine.



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Thank you everyone your all so lovely.
I will still come on here every day and let you know what is happening and check how you all are.

I got in a size 10 trousers today it has made my day!