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I really need your support!!

I really really want to go and get some crispy beef from the chinese I know it's bad and I have no syns left.:wave_cry:

Been out shopping all day and I really feel like I need it!!!

Just how bad can it be, one part of me wants to completely cave and have wine too!!! but the other part is posting this so help!!!
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taking one day at a time
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I am really wanting to eat something savoury was ok after my tea felt full but really want crisps .I am going to drink plenty water mtry stick with it i know If I have a drink plan will go out off the window and id eat everything you can do it :)


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what day u on?
theres a few ways u can do this hun
1. have a flexi day and go get the crispy beef
2. use it from tommorrows syns but u must remeber u will have less syns.
3. go into kitchen and make something yummy thats syn free


soon to be skinny minnie
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What did you end up doing hun? x