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Hey i've been doing it a week and lost 10lbs in the first week. the average monthly loss is a stone but I don't think there is an average weekly loss, everyone seems to vary hugely!

Why do you want to change from lipotrim? Is it not the same idea as CD? CD is three shakes/ soups a day, lots of water and thats about it!


Angelic Fruitcake
The above post is correct weekly losses differ from person to person but most people do lose a stone a month if not more especially in their first week. You can have a look at my sig below to check out my weekly losses. And heres my account of my time on CD so far. The first week especially the first four days were hard I was hungy tired and grumpy. My CDC said most people don't make it through the first three days so if you do then you are ready for the diet and providing you stick to it you will see amazing results if you can't manage the first three days on SS then reasses weather you are in the right frame of mind to do CD SS yet and remember cheating only means it will take longer to get into ketosis. After the first weigh in I felt elated and made me feel so good heading into week two. week two was much better apart from a PMS moment where I had an argument with my dad when he brought himself fish and chips home but my imagining them being in the house was much worse then when I could actually see and smell them I didn't want them at all. Week three even though I had a cold and was TOTM still felt great and the cold passsed really fast whitch I put down to all the water I was gluging had my highest weghtloss that week aswell so felt on top of the world. Week four was fine and so far week five has been to. It is one of those diets the longer you stick to it the easier it gets and it's nice to watch my body change week by week plus the shakes are such a part of my routine now it feels normal and not like I'm missing out on anything. The diet has worked wonders for me so far. I've lost 19lbs in three weeks my skin is glowing I have tons more energy and I feel more confident then I have in years. CD is honestly a miricle but it can only work if you have the willpower to stick to it. I have a couple of photo albums up aswell of me before at 13st 7lb and some of me after a month on CD 12st 2lb so you can see the difference. I whole heartedly reccomend this diet to anyone. If you do start it I wish you the best of luck hun xxx
Thanks for your replys.I am only doing it to try the porriddge, as I fear falling off the wagon if I dont eat somthing. I will give CD a week to see if it is any better than Lipotrim...If I dont like it, I will still be in Ketosis, so switching back wont be a problem.x


Mad as a Hatter
This is just my opinion....

Having done Lipotrim and been on CD for 2 weeks now... I can assure you that CD is much better than Lipotrim... the shakes taste much better, actually taste of what they are supposed to be and there are much more flavours as well as the infamous porridge... yum yum
The discussions with my CDC are much better than just getting weighed and paying my money - you feel like you have some proper support.

Plus the levels of CD which include small amounts of food seem to educate you back into the food arena much easier, not like Lipotrim where you just did one week of 'refeed'.

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