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Team 1 all the way!
Arrggghhhh! When I went to see my CDC the other week, I asked if it was normal to feel dizzy at times. Basically, I've had a moment of light headedness when getting up off the floor. Particularly in the mornings, after breakfast.
As a teacher of reception children, I spend quite a bit of time on the floor!
Anyway, she said she would email the health experts at Cambridge Diet. They have got back to me saying I need to go on to the 1000 cals plan asap until I've had my blood pressure taken!!!!!!!!

I went to the docs a few wks ago and they took my BP and said nothing. If it was low, surely they would have said.

SO.....I have just dug out my digital heart rate monitor (I dabbled with reductil before Cambridge and got this to keep check on BP- don't ask!).
I was 114 over 75.
According to the brochure, that is optimum blood pressure, so not low. I really don't want to go on to 1000, I am doing so well on SS, HELP!!!!!!!!:(
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Trim T

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I occassionally get the same light headed feeling you described. My BP is fine and I certainly haven't stopped SS.

It doesn't happen everyday it's just the odd day when i notice it. I'm sure that dehydration can also cause these symptoms. Do you drink regularly? maybe your not drinking enough while at work??

I'm sure you'll be fine and work out what's best for you x


Team 1 all the way!
I get up at 6:10am and have a pint of water before I leave the house. Then I have a cuppa and a tetra at about 8am in work, before the children arrive. Then between 8am and 12pm, I have 1litre of water.
Then it's lunchtime, when I fill up my 1litre bottle again and get through that before 4pm.
I get the rest of my water at home.
Do you think that's enough? I'm really worried they will not let me keep going with SS. I am fine 99.9999% of the time and only feel dizzy when I get up off the floor, just for a split second and then I'm fine again.


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Sometimes when people lose a lot of weight, they can give themselves what amounts to positional low blood pressure. There's a scientific name for it (I can't recall what it is at the moment) where if you stand up suddenly or change positions quickly, you can get dizzy for a moment or even black out.

When I was younger (and thinner) I had that problem all the time.


Team 1 all the way!
Just been reading up on that Oinkstop. Cheers! They list a few diff causes for this, including excessive heat. My classroom is boiling as I am so cold all the time! The children are complaining and I am still in my coat. Lol!


Team 1 all the way!
CDC called me. I told her I'd taken my blood pressure and she said I need to do so in the morning and have to get to the doctor to confirm I can carry on doing SS. Am sure he will say its all good, so phew!
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I get like that all the time, if i get up too quickly. A few times i can barely even see because im so dizzy and have to try really hard to focus so I dont faint - especially when Im on a crowded train about to get off - I dont fancy falling down the gap!


Team 1 all the way!
As it happens, I had to take my daughter to the docs this morning, after a really restless night with very high temp.
I took my blood pressure this morning and told the nurse who said it was fine. So all good and can continue with SS. PHEW!!!
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I think quite a few of us suffer from dizzy spells on SS. I know I do and some days there is no reason for them - so keep it up!

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