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Hi everyone,

I’m new here & still trying to work out how everything works!

I have been doing Cambridge diet for nearly two weeks and lost 10lb (which is great)! Im actually finding the actual dieting side of things ok & happy with the results.

My issue is that I’ve realised without eating, I feel quite low! I think it’s because I’m a chronic emotional eater! I was speaking to my brother today (who does a lot of fasting) & he said that ‘this is how you really feel’, when not masked by comfort eating.

I was just wondering if other people had a view on this and what you did to manage these feelings?

TIA :)
Welcome to Mnimins, Hatty. I think this happens to a lot of us. I certainly used food - takeaways when I lived in a town, sweet things (biscuits, chocolate, sweets, cakes, ice cream - you name it... ) to numb and distract me, usually secretly. It certainly was a distraction activity too. I can fall back into it very easily because it is such familiar behaviour.

What to do? There are lots of things you can do - I don't think there is one solution that works for everyone.

If you can. some counselling with someone who is experienced in supporting people who are shedding weight may be helpful.

Get clear on why you want to lose weight. Write a list and then write some more. Write in terms of being there now. For me that includes me running down the beach with my dog, cyclIng with ease, finding it easy to run up and downstairs, feeling slinky in size 14 jeans, riding a horse again, looking fab on holiday in Egypt, dong my own feet, and am able to walk into any clothes shop and find clothes that fit me. Write a long list - 100 to 200 ways you'll feel, look, do at goal.

Also wrote a list of things to do to look after yourself. Mine includes lovely hand cream, a nice cream in the shower, skin brushing, doing my names. Are you taking care of your body in other ways?

If you are really low, talk to your doctor. Maybe you

I think journaling also helps. Writing how I feel. And then not obsessing about it. Get up. Get out and take some steps. Maybe aim to double steps every 4 days up to 10k steps or 15k!

What have you tried? What do you think will help you?