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help! i've just had canderel in my black tea... is that allowed or does it just have to be splenda?
heya baby baby

dont panic, it can be any sweetner as long as it is in tablet form and not granulated. u r doing fine :D
oh good... thanks... i don't know y i panicked...
i think its coz the atkins diet reccomends splenda...and i thought maybe canderal tablets had small ammounts of carbs or somehting...
oh well panick over... being in ketosis is so good... i didn't want to be knocked out:eek: :eek:
lol...i SO know what u mean. ketosis is my safe haven and when i leave it i froth at the mouth and want to kill someone :eek:

anyways, theres nowt wrong with wanting to do it all right and keep fighting the flab.