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You haven't messed up the diet as long as it doesn't become a regular habit.
Just get back on the wagon.

However, be aware that it is dangerous to drink whilst in ketosis. I'm not sure why, but knowing that keeps me on the straight and narrow.


Cambridge Consultant
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Hey .
You have drank.. its know point beating yourself up. Just try and get straight back on the wagon otherwise you will end up blowing it..
Stay motivated its a fab diet and it does work x


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oh well! nothing you can do about it now so no point fretting.

alot of us have been there, me included. Just dont do what i did and let it become a slippery slope. One nibble led to weeks of battling the cheats. Draw a very heavy line under it and start again. And if you still have a good loss, dont think, ooo i got away with it before ill have another few drinks and not worry about it. THATS where it all goes pear-shaped :)
Don't beat yourself up too much.

i did the Atkins diet for a few months and you are allowed vodka and the like.....it never through me out of ketosis.

Get yourself back in the "zone" take a deep breath and start again....
Alcohol is just fermented fruit sugar and as such will jeopardize your state of ketosis. But as others have said, the only thing you can do is to move on and start fresh.. many of us make mistakes and its what you do following that mistake that is the deciding factor.
You are here askign for advice, so you must want this....
Try and work out why you went down the route you did, so that you can choose an alternative action next time!
Good luck with getting your head straight and getting back ont he plan



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lindylou, thanks so much for that post, i wont be touching a drop again! gna mark this as an experience i dny want happening again! back on straight n narrow cud of been worse cud of had takeaway aswell but didnt


S: 12st4lb C: 11st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st11lb(6.4%)
Hey there,
I am now starting my 6 th week and missing a glass of wine so much! I have had the odd nibble the last 2 weeks but pulling myself back up now. When ever I thought I needed a wine I would pop on here.I have not touched a drop and I was a heavy party girl.
The way I look at it now is if I can get through a few hours of everyone drinking around me I reap the rewards in the morning! Not only am I the only one fresh as a daisy I am the one getting slimmer by the day and that is by far a better fix than booze!!!
Get up brush yourself down and get straight back to it!!! You CAN do it !!!! Hey I sound like Bob the Builder ha ha ha Good luck

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