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hi does anyone here follow the diet and not lose much? i really struggle to lose much at all and some days are very hungry i only lost a pound this week although not moved much been in bed not too well but i have had this prob before i am diabteic and do injections not insulin its called byetta supposed to also help losing weight. I am disapointed as i havent had many sins and had healthy breakfasts does anyone have any ideas?
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yes make sure u eat lots and use your hex and syns i also have diabetic but only take tablets but am hoping to drop them this month when i go for my anual review so for me the diet is working at the start the weeks i never used syns i had a small lose u should never be hungry on this eating plan there are to many free foods so make use of them:)
thank you i do struggle a bit and am scared of using my sins as i wantt to lose well my prob is i think only eating 2 meals a day like today not eaten yet as i cant decide what to have i bought total 0% quark and natural yogurt now i cant find what to use them in i am hopeless lol
u should start eating as soon as u get up and finish just before bed lol as long as its free and within syns u got nothing to worry about its hard i know but belive in it look at the recipie thread and try planing a day ahead if u can go for the week ahead there is no point in sayin you are hopeless lol this forum is the most supportive and informative i have found lol no one is sayin its an easy road it seems strange at first that " how can i lose and eat so much " syndrom effects us all at first but once you accept the fact things will become easier, i cannot stress enough that you should NEVER be hungry on this diet....
thank you i will i have 3 years worth of magazines and 3 or 4 of the recipe books its funny though i weighed myself at 8.30 and still not had breakfast by 11.30 and lost 2lb from earlier bazzaar tonight i will spend my time looking through my books and planning the rest of the week :)


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Try not to weigh yourself more than once a week as your weight will naturally fluctuate from day to day and even by as much a 4/5 pounds across a single day. Same day - same scales - same place - same clothes.

I agree with all the other responses that you are not eating enough and need regular meals and snack throughout the day, making full use of your HEs, free food and syns. That said 1lb is not a slow weight loss, it is the recommended amount tht you should be aiming for each week, so perhaps you also need to be a bit more realistic about what is possible. Being bed bound will also affect losses as you will not be burning as many calories as if you were more mobile.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.