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*Dives in with a huge bottle of water...* Here, drink this :D
Try to do something to get your mind of off food. Take a walk or go back to bed, grin. Don't eat dear, you'll be sorry afterwards! You can do it.



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I find my craving a bit like when i gave up smoking and only last a short time .Try amuse yourself with something else (iv started to knit scarves ) drink water or i find some perfectly clear strawberry and kiwi or zero coke help take the pangs away (dont know if you are allowed this on your diet im on cd)I also have a add a meal day here and there instead of a week all at once find this suits me better . hope something sugested helps. keep on here play some games keep strong xxxxxx


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Take a bath, paint your nails, give yourself a facial, do anything but don't eat!

Water tends to take the food cravings away!

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If your weather is like ours, its probably due to the cold. Try a hot drink. With LL we have water flavourings (I'm sure you guys have the same stuff) so make one up with warm water. We also use Marigold Vegetable Bouillon Powder which makes a lovely warming, tasty drink to stave off those hunger pangs!!!!
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NONONONONONO!!! Do not eat!

On week 6 I felt starving for about 2 days, it's really hard but don't give in, drink lots of water...once you start nibbling it'll be the start of a slippery slope. Stick at it, you're doing brilliantly x
I found SS too hard, respect to all those that do it. 790 is much more tollerable and 'normal' and I lost faster than my sister who did SS. Contemplate the pros and cons but full sympathy, SS is torture!!
well guys thank you so much for your help but i ended up having some anyway, lol i know im really bad, last night i cheated aswell but im back on track today, and i know i keep saying im not gonna cheat anymore but i am losing weight, slower but my clothes are hanging off me, and everyone says im looking slimer so that motivates me more and im gonna push my hardest to not cheat till xmas day!!! wish me luck i bloody need it!!!

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