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nice big drink :)

if i need to binge i have loads of fruit with a mulla on top or some sugar free jelly iv always got one of those in the fridge,

also if ur got any heb i like an alpen or slimming world bar mixed in to a yog makes it a bit more filling.

or how about some savory rice and sit and pick at that?

dont give in even if u do brake down and have a few treats just get back on track tomorrow :)
but i cant say much i had a chicken kebab last night


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Don't give up, you're doing really well. I'm quite new to this myself but I think you should try to fill up on free food and drink plenty of water. I'm sure some of the others will have ideas for you who've been doing this longer than me. Good luck and keep going. :)
exercise... usually works for me
You'll feel instantly better and less hungry as you focus on what you ultimately want to achieve... then when you're done that bag of crisps or slice of cake doesn't seem worth it


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Hi there

How about having a long hot soak -with a SW magazine if you have one... it might distract you long enough to fend off the munchies ;)and you might get some inspiration from the success stories (guess what I was doing earlier? up to my neck in bubbles and trying not to get the bottom of the pages soggy :8855:)
If, when you get out you are still hungry -why not grab something from your free list (depending what day you on)
I hope the feeling passes soon
What kinda of things are you eating emzy? I find I want to give up when i get into a food rut, if I'm eating the same kind of meals all the time, try and look up a new recipe to try a couple of times a week, one that you feel excited about trying, and make sure you're spending your syns on things you enjoy...


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:angel09: you guys are all angels,thank you so much=)

Bryony thank you=D i have just gone an bought myself a diet coke to fill me up with fizz and tastefullyness

Terrycb thank you all your support=D

CocoaFiend that is such a good idea too,thank you! i'm guna hit my gym tomorrow to get me back on track and in the mood=D

Capricorn, i don't have a bath at my student flat,boo but after sending this i'm going to go have a long hot shower, great idea btw thank you!=D

mim*i think you're totally right the past few days i've basically had the same thing coz waiting for my student bursary to come through coz ran out of pennies so basically been on frozen veg, jacket poatoes and beans (o the student life :p so yer i do think you're deff right there, will go shopping tomorrow and find some new things to get in now my money has come in=D

:gen126: big hugs and thanks for all the support:Dxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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mullerlights are free but not the layered ones :)
I also like cottage cheese rolled in ham - puts hunger at bay


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Thank you mummy84, mullerlights are deff gunna go on my shopping list for tomorrow=D can i just eat them whenever if i'm on extra easy and they will be syn free?xxxxxxx
The only ones that aren't Syn Free are the layered ones and the new limited edition lemon cheesecake one is 1 syn :)


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I eat em whenever i get hungry and they are free on extra easy :) strawberries with natural yoghurt and a sprinkling of sweetner is nice too
Earlier I had a TOTAL 0 yoghurt mixed with a chocolate options sachet at 2 syns... It was a nice thick creamy chocolatey moose type thing and completely satisfied my choco binge craving... even made me feel a little bit sickly... will only have half the amount next time for 1 syn instead :D


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thats such a good idea!!! ok more ideas for the shopping list=D this is going to help me i'm sure of it thank you again so much=Dxxxx


is working hard.....
Pick up the phone!

I always find a long chat to someone always takes the edge off.

This eve I was STARVING!! and all set for early dinner, when the phone went and a lovely long chat to my sister followed. By the time we'd finished chatting my dinner was cold, and I wasn't *hungry* anymore.

Hope you have a good eve :) xx
I have found the catalyst for giving in with me is repetitive menus - same things day in, day out will inevitably drive you to despair. Look on here for new recipes - tonight I am trying chicken tikka curry made with fromage frais (it may be crap!) and roulade. I believe the key to this diet is variation.


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Have to agree with thistimeisdifferent - variation is the key. Throw something new into the mix every few days or at least once a week. Tomorrow I'm roasting a whole trout - i've fried (frylight of course) fillets before, but never done a whole one (ok, bit of an extravagance, but much needed one after three days of instant mash/beans/quorn sausage). I've also (and it sounds odd being 36 to say this) recently introduced tomatoes into my food stuff (I thought i hated them - but recently found that maybe i didn't). If you're a red/green person, and always alternate between the two - mix it up - have a few red or green days in a row.

It's all too easy to get into a routine. I did SW about 7 yrs ago, and you could tell the day of the week by what i ate. Tuesday it was steak, wednesday fish, thursday chicken, (can't remember what friday and saturday was), sunday was bolognese and monday was the left over bolognese. It was that samey.

Sometimes my week day meals even now are samey - but i sometimes work odd hours (getting home at 9 or even 10pm (or later)) and when i get home want something that's quick, and easy and simple - no faff, no fuss - but come friday night, and it's what can i do that i haven't done before, or not in a few weeks.


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many millions of thanks to cupcake, thistime is different and IanH these are all realllllly useful and great ideas=D i've written them all on post it notes and stuck them on my food cupboard so i remember ur ideas when i'm at the breaking points i'm going to buy lots of new things tomorrow to try out some recipes which should help liven life up a bit=) hope your all doing well and having good evenings=Dxxx


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I always try to have cans of diet coke/lemonade etc in the fridge for when i feel really like im gonna pick. When i have ran out of syns, i also have some cucumber, split down the middle, filled with laughing cow (hexa) and topped with ham and tomatoes, its healthy but it takes a while to eat and does the trick for me! ....most of the time ha ha!!! :Dxxx
On a budget try some syn free egg custard - it is so comforting!

I use a big 500g tub of Morrison's Eat Smart fromage frais (85p), mix it with four eggs, three tablespoons of syn free sweetner, a bit of vanilla essence and then whack it in a bowl and whisk for Britain! Pop it in little ramekins and sprinkle some ground nutmeg as you like it then put in a banne marie and bake on 180 degrees for 25 mins - absolutely gorgeous and feels like you're not on a diet at all :) Make this as varied as you can or it will become a total chore/torture! I once ate nothing except chicken for a month, I lost two stone - and the will to live!!!!

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