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  1. Karenf28

    Karenf28 New Member

    Well here I go again on the Cambridge Diet. I've done this diet a few times over the last 25 years but my most successful time was 7 years ago, when I lost 8st 5lbs.
    i vowed back then never to put the weight on again but circumstances and a very difficult period in my life saw me turn to food for comfort once again!
    I now find myself at 48 years old and weighing the heaviest that I have ever weighed, very unhappy and unhealthy.

    I joined Slimming World last year and although I love the diet the results were just too slow for me and with a lot to lose it makes the journey endless.

    So all over Christmas I thought long and hard about it and decided that I have to give the Cambridge Diet another go.
    I started on 2nd January but have been on and off the diet each day. I found this forum today and thought after reading about a lot of your successes that it would help me to focus.

    My weight today is 25st 12lbs

    I know that I have a massive amount of weight to lose but am going for my forst target of 4st loss in 8 weeks which I have done a few times before. I am doing SS but with 4 diets a day which suits me because if I eat anything then I come right off track. So I have to keep to sole source.

    I would really appreciate some support on here as although my counsellor is brilliant it's good to speak to some like minded people.

    Today is day 1 and so far so good. I've had two tetras so far and have drunk 2 litres of water. I just need to get through these first few days !!
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  3. jenm

    jenm Full Member

    Hey I'm a restarter too, got around 9stone to lose. I'm 33 & weight 19st 8 which is heaviest I've ever been :( day 7 for me on SS & feeling good :) my 1st weigh in tomorrow night, think the 1st week is the hardest! Good luck x
  4. katikins100

    katikins100 Member

    Hi, ur post struck a chord with me!

    My scales wouldn't weigh me before I started but 2 weeks in and i weigh 23 stone 7.

    I too have done vlcd before- lighterlife- and lost 13stone but because of my use of food during a nightmare period in my life I'm back to where i started

    I'm on day 18 and finding it much harder than last time but also i've never managed to get this far recently so feeling positive.

    I'm doing slim and save but saw ur post in this forum and felt the same!!

    Fingers crossed for both our journeys x
  5. Karenf28

    Karenf28 New Member

    It's so good to know that there are other people in the same boat as myself. You are both doing so well you put me to shame :-( unfortunately I didn't manage to stick to the plan but am back on it today and am looking forward to seeing what we all lose next week.

    I just need to get through the first four days and I'll be fine I know because the buzz of changing clothes size every couple of weeks is amazing.

    Good luck ladies can't wait for the next update xxx
  6. katikins100

    katikins100 Member

    Yes, those first few days are the hardest!! I was very disappointed with 4lb loss for week 3 but trying to keep my chin(s)!! up!
  7. katikins100

    katikins100 Member

    Sent without finishing, I was going to sat good luck for this week, u can get through it!! I just kept thinking this was my last chance! X
  8. Karenf28

    Karenf28 New Member

    The fact that you and jenm posted on my thread has given me some inspiration today :) I couldn't find the posts on here after I wrote it until this morning so I thought that I was just waffling on to myself !!!
    it was a really lovely surprise today to see your posts and has really made me feel like I have some diet buddies. Well done for your 4 lb loss if you do that every week that's over a stone a month and where else could you lose weight at that rate?
    Im looking forward now to see how much I can lose in my first week. I've drunk 3 litres of water today so am looking forward to a sleepless night lol

    Thankyou ladies for your comments you really have helped xxx
  9. katikins100

    katikins100 Member

    Ahhh and your comment just made me feel better, yes 4lbs is good, its just the end looks so far away!!! Annoyed I got myself in this mess again but onwards and upwards. This is the best thing I could be doing so not doing it would be the worst to do!!!

    Anyhoo, enough about me!! Hope today went well for you, got my fingers crossed 4 u! X
  10. Karenf28

    Karenf28 New Member

    Had another good day today :) even managed to get water consumption up to 4 litres !!!!! I'm feeling a lot more positive now and in control. Two days down and still going strong. I know we've all got a long haul ahead of us but the results are so worth it.
    I had a really good heart to heart with my 21 year old son last night. He lost a lot of weight 3 years ago and has put on 2 stone over the last few months, so he is back on his fitness and healthy eating routine.
    I was very tearful last night and and told him how upset I was with myself for putting on all this weight. He just said mum remember how good you felt when you'd lost the weight before but also remember the buzz you got every week when the scales were going down and down.
    I do remember that buzz and it was amazing. Every 3 weeks I was going down a clothes size and I was buzzing and it was that feeling that kept me going.
    That feeling is what has kept me so positive today and I'm buzzing to see how much I can lose in my first week now.

    For all you ladies and gents who may be doing this for a second, third or fourth time remember the BUZZ you get when losing weight. Xxx
  11. katikins100

    katikins100 Member

    How you doing Karen? Don't know how u manage 4 litres!!! I do 3 on a good day!! I'm now on day 31!!! All ok and have finally started to notice in mu clothing now, think a lot of ny clothes were so tight they have gone to loose comfortable!! Weigh day tomorrow and i hope I've done more than 4. 5 would be good! Fingers crossed! X
  12. katikins100

    katikins100 Member

    I did 7, yay!!

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