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  1. LadyJo

    LadyJo Silver Member

    Hello everyone! Not been on in ages but I'm desperate for some help!

    I've started herbalife after a friend of a friend became a distributor. I'm currently on a 3 day trial. The pack suggests a 1200 cal day; 2 shakes one at breakfast one at lunch, 2 snacks and a 600 cal meal.

    Yesterday I had 1080 cals and did a 550 burn at the gym, today I've just logged in Mfp and I've only eaten 989 but didn't go to the gym.

    I'm worried it's doing more harm than good! I'm clearly not eating enough and I feel like I should up my calories but then what's the point in continuing the shakes as I'll be having a sort of breakfast/ lunch so I'm not really replacing anything!

    Would really like some help please! Would be great if someone's been in the same situation as me!

    I actually jumped on the scales this morning (admittedly after day 1 but I've been going through a. Plateau and wanted to see if a day on herbalife had helped and it showed a gain!!!)

    I'm so confused I just don't know what's best to break this plateau and lose weight! I've lost 4 and 1/2 stone calorie counting but this last 1.5 stone is making me work for it!!!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!!
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  3. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    The way I broke my plateau was I increased my calories slightly for a few days, then went back to my normally calorie intake. You just need to trick your body. Also I worked out twice daily in the morning and evening that also helped a lot. Good luck :)
  4. tink2011

    tink2011 Silver Member

    I know its not slim fast but plan sounds the same apart from it includes 3x 100cal snacks. Stops you getting hungry and brings cals up to about 1400. May b try adding snacks ?
  5. LadyJo

    LadyJo Silver Member

    Thanks for replies.

    It was my last day yesterday I go see the consultant today. I've hit a plateau and at least it's got me through that and I've lost 1.5lb. The shakes aren't the best tasting and it's £107 a month for something I'm not really that convinced by!! Think I'm going to go back to food! 1200 cal days and a bit more on exercise days....
  6. tink2011

    tink2011 Silver Member

    Or i would recommend slim fast if you want to stick to shakes £3 a tub that makes 12 . Or you could try sub 1 shake for dinner. Either way good luck

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