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Here goes nothing!

S: 16st5lb
Hi all :D

Having spent the last couple of weeks researching various diets and reading peoples weight loss diaries on here, I've decided that Cambridge is the one for me (let's hope this initial optimism lasts!)

I've found reading the diaries has really helped me get in the mindset to start and to stop making excuses and finally get my weight problem under control once and for all.

So I'm hoping that by keeping a diary and chatting on here will keep me focused on the bigger picture in case I loose faith or have any wobbles ;) (this is going to be a long post so I apologise now)

So a bit of background on me, I'm 35 now and ever since my early teens I've been overweight and as the years have passed more and more has pilled on. This coupled with two beautiful children in less than 2 years after being told I'd never have any has resulted in the problem being worse than ever! I'm ashamed to admit it but 16st 5lbs is just ridiculous :eek:

I've tried Slimming World more times that I can remember and stick to it for an initial couple of weeks, then get board. I think it's the initial pressure of meal planning and if I'm honest I think it's too much choice for me and I end up feeling overwhelmed on what I can and can't have. Therefore I think Cambridge might be the best option as apart from the soup / shake debate there's not much else to think about.

I've had my first meeting with my consultant this afternoon and I must admit he seems lovely although he's left the choice of if I start on SS, SS+ or 810 tomorrow up to me, which in hindsight wasn't the best as I'm feeling really confused.

So after talking it over with DH, tomorrow I'm going to go for broke initially and start on SS and I can take it one day at a time.

Right, enough of my waffle! I'm off to start cooking what I plan to be my last unmeasured and probably completely unhealthy meal for the foreseeable future and until I gain a more healthy attitude to the food I'm putting in my body.
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Good luck! I'm starting Sunday so hopefully we can be each others reassuring voice!
S: 16st5lb
Thanks both, well day 1 over and done with and it was a really mixed day.

Managed to become all emotional at several points in the day and ended up in tears with DH moaning that I'd let myself get this way and that I couldn't do anything right :( He was amazing, just kept on telling me that we'd just take it one day at a time and stick to it.

He did however insist I start on SS+ as that way he said I have somewhere to go if I don't think it's coming off in the way I'd like, which seems like a good idea.

So yesterdays delight was an original porridge - not bad just tasted like cheap ready break, added some cinnamon and was a lot better. Although I didn't follow the instructions to make it up I followed what someone had said on here so seemed ok.

Strawberry shake for lunch, again like a cheap artificial powdery tasting milkshake.

Dinner was a leek and potato soup again, think cheap artificial, powdery tasting cup a soup. I think I emptied half a pepper grinder into it! Gave it a hour and had 30g of salad, was going to have some cucumber but saw the amount you get and thought what's the point so had just green leaves, 115g of king prawns which was loads and a boiled egg.

So apart from the emotional ups and down's all in all a good first day :D


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Well done! Jist after reading your two posts. Its hard taking that first initial step and chose to do the diet. And I have to say it can be a very emotional roller coaster! My poor BF.

But stay motivated and keep your eye on the goal you are trying to achieve as it is very easy to go off track. There will be weeks when the losses are small.

So well done and stick with it :)
S: 16st5lb
Well I'm officially one week in today and in all honesty I'm starting to wobble although I've stuck to the plan 100%

Had my first weigh in thursday and I managed 6lb in 5 days and if I'm honest I was a little disappointed, I don't know what I was expecting and at the time I was happy I think I'm just so desperate not to stay on cd forever that I think I hoped 4 stone would disappear overnight ;-)

I don't think its helped that i wasn't suffering from any hunger pains at all during the first 5 days so much so I was having the porridge for lunch, my soup as a starter, my 200 cal meal and then a shake before bed. After seeing my consultant on thurs he said I need to space it out more so I have and seriously the past 2 days I've been starving.

I think what's also not helping is he's away now for a week so my next weigh in is 2 weeks away. Also I'm not sure how much to trust his advice as he's said I'm fine to have salt, garlic and a little olive oil which from reading in here isn't correct.

Also I've got my daughters 2nd birthday the week after next and I mentioned I'm worried that I'd like to have a small slice of cake with her and his reply was just to make sure I don't skip any of the cd products! No, no don't do it or anything! Also when I asked him when he did it he said he only did step 3 for 2 weeks and stopped as he doesn't have a weight problem!

I think I need to find a new consultant but I dont want to go back to the docs, so I think I'm going to have to stick with him until my bmi is under 40 :-(

Right the hunger is killing me so off to see if yet another glass of water will help!!!
S: 16st5lb
Been MIA for a few weeks as in all honesty just been keeping my head down and getting on with the diet.

After my first week of doing SS+ I was finding it increasingly hard trying to fit all the packs and the food in and when I tried to space them out more I was just so hungry that I was on the verge of quitting. So week 2 onwards I started SS and I'm feeling much better, it was like I was forcing myself to eat even though I wasn't hungry, which is what I used to do.

So here I am 3 full weeks in and 18lbs down - Woohoo :) and as yet not one single cheat. I even managed my daughters birthday without breaking.

in all honesty I think knowing I could have a slice of cake if I wanted was better than me thinking I couldn't and when faced with it I thought what's the point, all I'm doing is damaging this attempt and my goal and it's not like I'm going to be doing this for ever. I can have a slice of cake next year and not feel like the fat girl sat eating a slice of cake ;)

Official weigh in Thursday so by then I'll be 26 days in and I'm hoping I'll be another 2-3lbs down making it 21lbs down and gone forever :)


Bouncy Castle
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What an interesting diary. I'mm glad the SS is working better for you - it's what i really want to do, as the idea of being in ketosis and also of making no choices really appeals to me (I'm getting quite panicked about having to have a week on 810 after the first 12, and I haven#t even started yet!).

Good luck.
S: 16st5lb
Spangles - in sure you'll be fine once you get going just keep telling yourself the first few days are the hardest :)

Warning - whinge coming up!

Had a near wobble last night, I know I'm looking at a low loss this week even though I've been 100%! to top it off we're trying to sell our house and we had a viewing last thurs and they booked for a 2nd viewing sat. They were here for 45mins each viewing, wanted to look in the loft, the outdoor storage sheds and took ages looking at all the plans for the extension that I talked them through. EA called yesterday to say they loved it and I thought here we go, but no!!! Apparently they just knocked a door with a for sale sign, vendor showed them around and they offered on that instead!!

Promptly burst into tears and thought stuff this I'm so down I'm ordering a Chinese to cheer myself up :( then realised after a hour that this is what I used to do, use food to make me feel better :(

So carried on crying and had a shake instead thinking if I cheat now what have I achieved? Spent a load of money so far on cd and all I'm going to do is prolong this journey and my desire to get to goal.

So a mixed bag really, proud that I didn't give in but still so down and desperate to move!

Weigh in tonight and if I'm lucky I'm looking a 2lbs so few up it's unbelievable. Just need to remind myself that if it's 2lbs it'll be 1st 2lbs in 29 days which is better than nothing!

Sorry, whinge over!


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Hi tinkerbelluk, youre diary is a great read :) I started on Tuesday and so far so good. Few headaches and a bit of messed up tummy but overall much better than I expected. Keep thinking that tomorrow is Friday and weigh in is Mon so just focusing on that really. I too have approx four stone to lose. At least! Im not sure what my target weight is due to my years of being overweight however the first main goal is 11 and a half stone and I will go from there. I imagine itll be somewhere around elevenish but hey, we shall see. Anywho chin up, and fairplay to you for not cheating, itll all be worth it ok :) you dont give yourself half enough credit lady. You are doing brilliantly and you need to recognise that ok

Keep us posted, we'll motivate each other :)

Jan x
S: 16st5lb
Jan - thanks so much, keep at it as well and let me know how you get on with your weigh in on Monday :)

Well my weigh in Thursday wasn't as bad as I'd expected I managed 4lb off so that makes it 1st 4lb in 29 days and I've also lost 6" from my waist.

I just need to keep reminding myself it didn't go on overnight and it's certainly not going to come off overnight :)

I've been trying to find some of my old sw books as I've been dieting on and off since I was about 15 but have always given up and I thought if I can find my lowest weight that would keep me motivated, but I think they went into storage! So when I was at the docs last week I asked for my lowest recorded weight which was 14st 5lb in 2003!!!!! So that's my first goal.

I know I shouldn't but I've had a sneaky peak this morning as well and I'm comfortably in the 14's as of today so hopefully it won't be long before I'm setting a new goal - Woo Hoo :)

Another challenging weekend ahead though, a joint 2nd birthday party (9 off them!) this afternoon, so think snacks and cake! And tomorrow, lunch with my best friend who's down from London at my fav restaurant! Although I'm hoping it will be ok as I was there last week for my mums birthday and just had green tea and water whilst everyone ate and in all honesty it wasn't that bad.

Let's hope the positivity lasts!!
S: 16st5lb
well another week at 100% and another great weigh in, I lost 5lbs this week, taking my total to 1st 9lbs :bliss:

Although I did make a big decision this week, I decided to swap consultants. My original one was ok but the fact that he'd never really done the diet and I found out he was giving me incorrect advice was starting to worry me especially looking forward to the later parts of the diet. So I met my new consultant yesterday and what a change, she was brilliant :D

I've also spent some time reading other peoples diaries and can't help but feel inspired. I know I found it hard at first but in all honesty now it's just becoming second nature almost. I've also got to stop telling myself just get through today etc. and start looking towards the end goal, which for me is the latest of the 4th November as we're off to America for two weeks so I need to come off it and be in maintenance by then. Although whilst I say this I'm a little torn as by reminding myself just get through today, the last 5 weeks have passed in a flash so I'll see how I go.

Oh, I also discovered the water flavourings for the first time yesterday, OMG I've never been so excited (sad I know), my first sip last night of sunshine orange after 5 weeks of water and coffee in all honesty was like nectar :D will definitely be having my litre allowance a day!


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S: 19st4lb C: 12st5.5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 6st12.5lb(35.74%)
Well done tink! So glad to hear that you've settled into SS. I have a friend, and he and his wife have just started CD. She's on SS and doing fine, but he was doing 810 and has given up because he was hungry all the time.

I love the water flavours too - so much so that I use only half a teasoon per litre so that i can have two litres of 'gently' flavoured water. Makes it so much easier!
S: 16st5lb
Well another 3lbs for me this week, so it looks like another week wait before I hit the 2st Mark :)

Been a bit of an up and down week for me and yesterday I nearly hit breaking point. We're selling our house and accepted an offer on Thursday so spent fri and sat morning getting all excited and we started to look for a new house. Only to receive a call from the estate agents yesterday advising our buyers have offered on another house and they're going to buy that instead :(

Cue me bursting into tears and trying to stop myself eating everything in the house to make me feel better! Got through it unscathed but still feeling so peed off today :(

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