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Here I am!!

Hi gang!

I am going to start WW again tomorrow (Kickstart) so will be joining you back on this part of the forum if you dont mind!!!

Might need some help tho! Can anyone tell me what foods are 0 or low points tho as on 18 a day I think I will need to eat a fair few 0s else I will feel hungry!!?

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Veg veg veg veg! Haha! I think 0pt soup would be a godsend on Kickstart - I plan on getting through a lot of that when I do kickstart next week, lol.
Thanks guys!

Starlight, why arent you enjoying it? Could it be anything to do with the fact you have had a few weeks off!

How do I make 0pt soup??

Boil up a load of veg in some veg stock and blend - easy as that. You can put in what ever veg you fancy, it's so much nicer than you'd think. My fav is butternut squash, carrots, red onions, red pepper and loads of black pepper - YUM!!!!!


wannabe yummy mummy
I'm doing kickstart this week too and found clementines a godsend - half a point for 2 of them, feel like I'm getting loads for my points ;) but 0 point soup has definitely been the best thing about this week!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Woohoooo welcome back !:) ...........
I make my soup with turnip carrot and an onion swiss veg boullion and some garlic powder (only a touch) and salt/pepper and its YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ... and 0points!

I started on kickstart last week and umm sorta gave up lol ... I really must get me some more willpower!
Day 1 of kickstart

Morning all- have read your comments with interest- I have a whole pile of clementines here so will use them to snack on today! Have just had my brekkie- a bowl of fitnesse and a few raisins, with a glass of smoothie (3 of my 5 a day already). Taking a jacket potato to work for lunch today with a light prawn cocktail filling and lettuce, and dinner will be stirfry. Havent pointed it yet but I am sure that it must be less than 18. Will check when I get home from work! Not got any real plans for tonight despite it being Friday, but if I have any points left I may treat myself to a drinkypoo and maybe a packet of crisps!!
:) looking forward to today!!

welcome back, how was cd?
when im having a craving for sweet food my fav's is pink and whites ( the waifer things) heat them in the microwave for 30 sec's and the marshmallow go's all gooey! its a fav of mine for only half a point each. its a real treat whats more they're cheap too you can get a packet of 6 for only 25p bargain!xxx
Oooh yeah!! Thanks hun I completely forgot I have a whole stash of them in my cupboard from last mnth when i did WW. And meringue nests too :D wahey!!

CD was ok, as I expected- hard going but worth it to get the weight moving. What I am most impressed about is that I havent gained hardly anything having come off it- which I am v. happy about!!

Hows WW going for you two? xxx
good luck chicken!
ww is going great for me, i had wi this morning and i have officially lost 2 stone!
I am very happy, and pleased with myself!
Although i have a very long way to go, i am determined and have the will power to succeed!
Am looking forward to the next couple of stone coming off.
how much did you manage to loose on cd?
i did it for a couple of weeks a couple of yr's ago couldnt stick to it though. Even though i have a lot to shift im happier doing it this way with ww...and having seen starlights weight loss i know it can be done!
1.5pts smoothie
2pts bowl fitnesse with skimmed milk and sprinkling raisins

Snack: bunch of grapes (small): 1pt

150g tesco baguette: 4pts
tesco onion and garlic dip: 4.5pts
2 clementines: 0.5pts
tesco s+v crunchy sticks: 2pts

I am stuffed after my lunch (and only 2.5pts left) so will have a stirfry for tea tonight and steer clear of the alcohol! Have enjoyed today tho- lunch was yummy- it was a picnic in the park with the girls from work! The weather is lush so it was great! xxx
Yup indeed! Healthy too :) have to say WW is great for making sure I get 5 a day in, as the fruit and veg are so low points its an encouragement to eat them instead of other things! xxx

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