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here i go again not on my own


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Well hello yet again, bit of dajavue! Starting LT again (3rd time lucky). I know it's hard but been on tabs from the Dr's and only lost 4lb in three weeks following a very Lf diet and the tabs. I know, I know it's a marathon not a race but when you have a lot too lose I need a quick loss. And I have decided I cant seem to control food, it controls me so take it out of the equation and hope it will help. I often come onto the site and see the fantastic losses and have debated this for a few weeks. So I have some satches left from last time and got some from a friend so have about 2 weeks worth, not sure what to do after that as I'm a little embarrassed about going to the chemist for the 3rd time, any suggestions?? Ps looking forward to the fantastic support from this site again. Sarah x
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Hi Sarah
well done for getting back on LT
dont be embarassed at going back to the chemist, they are there to help us !!!
we have all had downfalls, thats life
BUT we can start again as im doing now.
good luck hun you can do it, if you have 2 weeks lt left you will be a lot lighter by the time you have to get your next supply xx
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Bite the bullet and go for it. I am only a few days into it but can see results already. You will be delighted you did it. I find this forum great for encouragement especially on the days I might have given in.

Come join us all on the wagon. There is plenty of room.

Best of luck


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Good luck hun with your restart - and don't be embarrassed about going in to the chemist - they have to deal with a lot worse than us dieters! x


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome back Sarah. I'm a restarter too and dreaded going back to the chemists but they were really welcoming and encouraging (afterall they are making money out of us!). Go for it, you know the results will be well worth it.


Back on the diet train...
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hey hun well dun 4 gettin back on the wagon so 2 spk. lol dnt b embarrassed bout goin bk 2 chemist, im on my 3rd time round an was worried bout goin bk but they were reali supportive.

good luck



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Hi Sarah,

I'm on my third time too, chipping away at the weight! Your pharmist might understand and commend you for giving it another go.

Otherwise is there another pharmist that you could go to? I know there's a few in my area! But don't use what the pharmist might think of you to slow you down!!


this is SPARTA!
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Welcome back hun. Dont be embarrased, there are a few of us 're-newbies'. Im on my 3rd time too, its tough but hopefully the third time will be the charm for us all!


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Welcome back sweetie and well done for making that step. Don't be at all embarassed, let's face it - if we all had really strong will power, none of us would be here! Make this third time lucky. All the best. xXx


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hi sarah im on my second time round if your chemist is a good one then stick with them causse a lot of chemist can be crap and give crap advice i have a may challange with all different amounts eveyone wants to loose i found it great last month and it helped me a lot you will see it on the list if ye wanna join in
were all here for the same reason and the chemist aint doing it for the good of there health its money to them ye may get a bit of a lecture of them but lets hope its the last time were all on this

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