Here I go again..... Strangely Excited!!

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  1. Arrggghh I’ve written 2 posts today, and like a dosey mare it didn’t actually post because I hadn’t verified my account. DOH!! Ha-ha

    I had planned to quietly slip in, set up a post for my diary and daily ramblings and then pray that some of you swing by to have a read and post some inspirational comments for me. J

    I’m not new to Minimins ... In fact I spent quite a few months on my initial weight loss journey. I don’t want to ramble to too much as I want to save the DL for my Diary post. Lets just say, 2 half years ago I rocked up weighing 16.13 and after a good 12 months I managed to weigh in at 12.1 . I was super happy. I’ve obviously taken the last 18months at a rather leisurely pace, in-fact quite leisurely and manage to gain back some currently 13.9 on the scales.

    So, I’m not going to be following a specific branded diet, but will look at the below

    Portion Control
    Measured Carbs
    Higher Protein
    Limit/Lower Sugar Intake
    Exercise – combination of Cardio & Strength

    Its taken me a while to come back and a good few months of moaning to the OH about getting chubby again to return, but I am super motivated and cant wait to get chatting to you guys and reading your posts as I just know it will keep my drive going.

    Thanks for reading and look forward to the journey ahead
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  3. Baxk

    Baxk Full Member

    This is a great approach. Don't be strict with portions, measurements and exercise. Start little bets and watch what will happen. The point is having your body's physiology with you and not against you. Additionally this way you will build good eating and exercise habits for the rest of your life. Good luck!
  4. Thanks Baxk! Trying not to get too obsessed however once I get into it, it tends to take over a little lol

    Thanks for your kind words! I just have to remember this isn't a sprint an to take it easy
  5. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    Good luck on your fat burning mission! you have fine it before and will do it again ;-)
  6. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    Love your user name... Being new to all this forum stuff...I am already regretting my uninspiring name choice!
  7. Haha thanks lovely! Cwp isn't a bad name lol just think of what it could stand for lol

    How you getting on?
  8. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    Don't try any make this any better. Its a rubbish name choice. I want so etching exciting and daring like assassin..... C W P..... Don't judge me but I can only think if really inappropriate things that it could stand for!

    Day four has commenced. I'm loving it. And hating it. In equal amounts!

    How are you getting on? How far along are you now?
  9. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    I'm typing posts on my phone and it keeps auto correcting words. I really should check before I post!

    Etching? I'm not even sure what I meant to type! Replace as you see fit!
  10. Haha absolutely cracking up- I just read etching and thought great choice of word... Didn't even contemplate it didn't fit in the sentence haha

    Day 4 .... I know your feeling, I always think day 3 and 7 and 10 are the worst then I seem to forget abut it almost and chug along

    I'm on my phone too so will almost definitely find typos or corrections no end!

    Plans for Easter weekend?

    CWP - I'll think up a few and come back - naughties included haha
  11. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    Easter plans will mean the obligatory visits to my family and the in laws... Unless I can get out of the latter! My husband is paving our front path. The proses is taking much longer than we first thought. (We have never paved anywhere before!)

    We started prep work for it Monday (our third child's 1st birthday - I was less than keen, but it is the only week off my husband had from work!) and only today have we got round to the paving bit! The prep work involved digging out the existing path and several tip runs worth of rubble. It was back breaking work. Pick axing, shovelling, lifting. Just me and him! Anyway, that bit took 3days. We thought it would take 1!

    Probably not the best week to start CWP because you aren't meant to exert yourself for the first two weeks! Oooops!

    What have you got planned?
  12. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    Did I actually answer your question or Did I just rant on?! Ha ha!!
  13. Haha you did answer it hun yes -

    I know how your feeling , I'm currently renovating my entire house and something I have learnt is nothing is ever simple and always over estimate to be safe lol

    Good going though you an hubby doing all that work by yourselves and even better you should see a wicked loss. Only say don't exercise I think because if lack of energy/calories but if you can manage it then go for it love.

    I'm currently say in cinema / been working all week in the house with OH and dad - pretty much spend every waking moment that I am not in the office doing my actual day job - tearing the house apart an putting it back together. More of the same tomorrow and Sunday too! Lol
    Got a bit of a night off tomorrow as going to the local for some bingo lol and then Monday taking kids to the local farm for Easter egg hunt

    Trying to keep busy!

    Decided last night to not calorie count but go on a shake diet and on some days have 1 Protein/salad meal

    Set myself a goal too so really determined to hit it
  14. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    That's a great plan. I'm sure it will work!!

    Renovating your house?! It's horrific isn't it? I was pregnant when we did ours (doing the path outside proves that we have had enough internally and are moving externally!) we knocked down a wall, built another wall somewhere else, repaired ceilings, changed floors (not just carpets or wood flooring, the actual boards of the floor!) all my husband actually, I wasn't much use running around after the other two kids and big as big as a double decker bus! All of this while we both work full time, looking back I don't know how we did it?!!

    Before this house we had only ever done flat packed furniture for DIY. Massive learning curve!!

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