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Here I go again

Hi I am new to this site, and have re-joined Slimming World for the 999th time!!!! I have also made an appointment to see the Doc next week to see if she would be willing to consider me for Weight Loss Surgery, because to be honest I seem to be pretty hopeless at staying with this slimming thing.

I have been overweight all my life but not nearly as big as I am now (over 20stone) and only 5' 2" tall. I really feel like I'm drowning. I have been through an horrendous 4 years with my youngest son (now 15) who has a learning disorder and through that time I have gained three stone.

I feel like I'm stuck I would much rather be able to lose this weight with Slimming World than have a gastric band, but I guess I have tried so many times I don't believe in myself any more.

I will go back to the meeting tonight and ask the leader not to call out my name because I feel stupid, and sit there and hope I will be inspired.

On a positive note - I never heard of this site before until a nice facebook friend told me about it. So maybe this will be my inspiration. Has anyone else faced years of failure and then managed to lose the weight?
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Yep, another unsuccessful dieter here.

At least you are still trying to conquer it. When you go to the meeting try and think positive you may get some positive vibes from others to get you on your way.

So good luck tonight and you have come to the right place for support so let us know how you get on.:)
Hi hunni, welcome to minimins.

It's a brilliant place and full of support, motivation and useful information - some of the members aint too bad either :)

I like you have struggle on and on with my weight falling off the wagon, restarting a diff diet, falling off the wagon and so on and so on. I also have a hell of a lot of weight to lose. It is possible to lose weight though, use this board as a Slimming World consultant, but one who is there all the time for any help you need and even just for a chat too.

Please don't think of yourself as a failure or stupid. Your not either of those things. Stay positive and you will succeed hun, remember one bad day won't ruin your diet it's what you do the next day and the day after that that makes or breaks it.

And as for the gastric band, its not a quick fix kinda thing, you will still need to change your diet for it to be 100% successful and you can still cheat with it, I personally haven't had one but there is a board called surgical weightloss that may be able to answer any questions and I think there are a few people on this board that have had gastric bands too x


Slow but sure....
Welcome to you both, and good luck with your weight loss, you are not alone, I started at over 21 stones 4 months ago and I have lost almost 2½ sts already, and I am a slow loser - so come on and join us. X
welcome! This forum is great for friendly advice and support and if you're going to group you'll have even more help there too. It really is a great eating plan and you don't have to go hungry, ever! So enjoy it and best of luck:)
Well I went back last night and had a chat with group leader who is wonderful, so today I'm back on track, I have brought a tuna salad to work and a couple of pieces of fruit and I'm making a curry recipe I found on this site for dinner tonight. Now I need to set myself a few goals. :)
OMG two judi's woohoo. Welcome judi and im a yo yo dieter and this time i no its took me 15 weeks to lose 15lbs but since i restarted and i found this site omg this site is what made me stick to it, the brilliant advice you get on here and in class is brill. Hopefully you can enjoy a new life of eating and lose steadily. Good luck newbies xx
Hi Judi and welcome.
I have had a gastric band fitted and can I just say...it really isnt an easy option to take. It got to the stage where at 32 I was waking in the morning with chest pains and thinking on more than one occasion that I could be having a heart attack...I have a 3 year old to think of as well :(

I had the band fitted in February last year. To begin with afterwards, you really dont feel like eating and then its more a matter of finding foods that you can swallow that will stay down. Imagine portion sizes of that of a child as that is all you can eat at any one time.
I decided to use SW as the base of my loosing weight, as I know it works and I know how healthy I have become since.
Im not promoting gastric bands...far from it, but just really really think about if this is what you want. My last appointment with my Bariac Consultant went like this "wow, since the last time I saw you, you have managed to loose another 14lbs...what ever you are doing...keep at it!" I told him I had adapted SW to my life now that I have a band and he was more than happy.

PM me if you want any more information Hun. Im more than happy to tell you all about it!
I hope I havent bored you with my post though!!!


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