Here I go Again!!


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Ive really been struggling to get my head in the right place for ages now. Ive been mucking about for the last three weeks, doing really well then eating something and thinking oh, well I can start again tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes does it?! Always some reason why I cant do it today, always an excuse why tomorrow would be a better day to start, pathetic I know, and I hope Ive finally got the right mental attitude to make this work.

I caught a glimpse of myself in a window the other day and just thought omg I look ridiculous!!!! Well at 20 stone of course I do!!!

So today is the day,taking it hour by hour,just had my first shake of the day, and am drinking loads, water not wine :D

Im going to be here for a long while, as Im aiming to lose at least half my starting weight!!!

Any tips welcome! I know the first few days are hard, but I know I can do it this time!!

Ellie xx
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hi Ellie,
I am in a similar position to urself. i also have a long road ahead.
with the support on here and the knowledge we are not alone im sure we can both do this.
i suggest making mini goals.
my first mini goal is to lose the first 56lbs (4stone) . that way the road doesnt seem quite so long.
its so easy when u have a lot to lose to think ' this is pointless, i cant do it, its just too much' so smaller goals make achievements much more doable.
other than that i spend a lot of time on here reading others inspiring threads/diaries etc and i have become addicted to watching weight related programmes too ( biggest loser, biggest loser US, fat families, etc etc ).


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good luck,just take it day by day,or even hour by hour,and keep drinking the water!


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Hi Ellie
I could have written your post 2wks ago, i was in the same place, messing around and playing with the diet- i managed a week last wk, lost 11lbs but had a blip this weekend! im not mad about it im just carrying on and hoping that i can erase my blip by thurs!
I agree with you taking it hr by hr, i see it as shifts usually 8-11am 11-1pm 1-4pm 4-7pm 7-10pm i try to really think about how iv done after each shift- think about how much water iv drunk and if i need a shake etc then decide im ready for the next shift!! you can also work out which shifts are the hardest for you and work around that- i usually struggle with the 1-4pm and 7-10pm shifts so i make sure im busy or around other people!
hope some of this helps i feel like im rambling lol x
hey , the most important thing is to get your head in the right place , which you seem to be now ... you have to give a diet like CD your 100 % and if you do , it will give you truley amazing results !!

Get excited about it , like you said take it an hour at a time , i love Emmas idea of splitting the day into 5 shifts , once you have done one shift give yourself a big pat on the back and move onto the next one !!! keep drinking the water , distraction works brill , tidy out your cupboards , sort washing , scrub the floor .. it all hels to while away the first tough few days :)

It may feel like you have such a long journey , but beleive me it flys by once you are past the first week , I never ever thought I would be sat here a size 12-14 when not long ago I was a 26 ...... I started 14 months ago but did take a 7 month break in the middle so its a very rapid change , and if I can do it , anyone can :)

Good luck and I look forward to seeing you shrink before our eyes :)