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    So I just turned 19 a couple days ago and have been a bit over weight since the age of 14. Actually "a bit over weight" is an understatement. So I've decided to give my self the ultimate birthday present, a hot body! My plan is to basically cut out most carbs and sugars and allowing myself about 1000-1200 calories a day + working out 3 days a week and going for half an hour walks the days I don't hit up the gym.
    My goal is to lose 50 pounds and I'm giving my self till may 2011!
    I hope keeping a food diary works!
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  3. Agabean

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    Day one:
    1. 2 eggs with 2 cubes of cheese melted in (yum)
    2. Half a can of tuna with green onions and a teaspoon of mayonnaise
    3. 1 cabbage roll
    4. Two cubes of dark chocolate
    5. A cup of tea with no sugar
    6. Half an avocado with lemon
    Approximate calorie count : 700
    Unfortunately I woke up at 2pm today so i couldn't fit a lot of food into my day, one thing i need to work on is my sleeping pattern! Too much sleep kills weight loss

    Weight loss in pounds: 0
    Pounds left to lose: 50

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  4. Agabean

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    Yah, I've read that carbs really stop your body from burning stored fat :(
  5. Agabean

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    So it's 5:00 in the evening and unfortunately I wasn't able to sleep again last night so I woke up at 3pm! How can I fix this awful sleeping pattern?!
    Day #2
    1. 3 egg omelet with a cube of cheese and a tablespoon of green onions

    I plan to eat two more times today before 10pm to have a total calorie intake of at least 900 calories

    2. Tea
    3. More tea

    So I didn't eat anymore today because nothing that was available followed my diet, I was out with my boyfriend and unfortunately all that I could eat was fries hotdogs or popcorn and I'm not ready to put that in my body quite yet. Tomorrow will be different, i in no way intent to eat this little during my day, I'm just going to have to suck it up and wake up early so that i can fit my 1000 calories in!

    Calorie count: 330
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    So today is starting off very well, my sleeping pattern is finally fixed so I've managed to wake up at 9:30 am! I haven't eaten anything yet since I've only been up for 20 minutes, but I just wanted to write a little bit before I started my day to keep me motivated and to remind me of my goals!

    Day #3
    1. 2 eggs sunny side up with Asian hot sauce
    2. Two cubes dark chocolate (I had the biggest craving, I'm surprised I had the self control not to eat the whole bag haha)

    Calories so far: 300 (1:18pm)

    3. 5 vodka tonics (two double)
    4. 2 bowls of soup
    5. One salad from subway with a teaspoon of ranch dressing

    Calories total: 1524 :(

    Tomorrow is a detox from the alcohol! water water water and some chicken and maybe some chocolate if I have a craving but I'll try to stay away since I binged on alcohol today, note to self: soooo not worth it
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    Day #4
    1. 3/4 of a bowl soup with vegetables and split urad beans (210 cals)
    2. 1 cube dark chocolate (110 cals)
    3. 1&1/2 cup broccoli with 3 cubes cheese (400)

    Calories so far: 720 (4:00 pm)

    4. A cup of coffee (50 cals)
    5. Two cabbage rolls (300)
    6. 1 vodka soda (70 cals)
    7. Plain salad with tablespoon ranch (60)

    Total calories: 1200
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  8. Agabean

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    So I went on an un expected trip to las Vegas and although I didn't eat like a complete pig I did go over my 1200 calorie limit.
    But back on track starting tomorrow!
  9. Agabean

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    So I never did go back on track and totally failed at not eating carbs and counting calories, as a matter of fact I didn't even pay attention to anything I was eating. But I didn't gain any weight so I'll just say I'm starting at square one!
    I can't even bring myself to counting all the calories that I had today so I'll just count starting tomorrow. Ugh one month behind my schedule!
  10. Agabean

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    December 7th weigh in surprised me with a weight loss of 6 pounds (yes i added 3 back for water weight)

    I'm back to a low calorie and carb diet. i went alittle nuts with the carbs these past couple weeks, but there is nothing I want more right now than to feel good. So back on track!

    Today I had a totally calorie count of about 800

    Weight loss in pounds: 6
    Weight left to lose: 44
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