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Here We Go...Again!! Lucy's Chance to Gain Control!

Here we go, as I said, again!! After having lost 3 stone in the past (twice!) and putting it all back (and more!) it's time to stop fannying around and actually DO something, instead of just talking and reading about it! I lost my weight in the past with WW, and even worked as a leader for a year, but found the new Propoints system too complicated. My friend has lost 3 stone since August with SW, so I read up about it, and have been lurking here for the past week. You all seem so nice and friendly...and more importantly...helpful...so I joined up the site, and will take the plunge by joining class tomorrow. Maybe a bit of a bad time, as we still have lots of Xmas goodies here (why do we always over buy??) and also have a big NYE party in our house on Saturday. still, if I leave joining till next week that could be another couple of pounds on!
I'm dreading the weigh in...I expect to about 13.10 in my jeans....my heaviest ever, and way to big for my 5.1 height.
I worked out i've got 6 weigh ins till a little break in the US, just me and my hubby when we fly to Miami WITHOUT THE KIDS :cry::D:eek::p when they go skiing with the school in half term Feb. I also have 29 weeks till our Summer holiday, although we have not booked that yet. I'd like to see a stone off by Miami, and a whole lot more off by the summer. I'll get some ticker tape thingys sorted tomorrow, when i know the damage....although it all looks really complicated!
So, a little bit about me.....I'm 43, and a Mum of 3 (16,14,12) :family2: and happily married. I work in a school, so have good holidays!:cool:I'm a veggie who eats fish, so intend doing mostly green days, with a few red fishy days thrown in! Not too sure about Extra Easy yet....haven't got my head around that one, lol.
So, I hope you'll bear with me, and send me lot's of support.
Looking forward to the journey!
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Well, as you might see from my lovely (or maybe not so lovely!) ticker above, i braved my first SW class tonight, and got myself weighed. The damage was even worse than I thought; 13.12.5. That. Is. The. Heaviest. I've Ever. Been!! :( I've set myself a target of 9.10, as that was the weight I got down to with WW, and although i still needed to lose a few pounds i felt good.
The class itself was very quiet, as to be expected i suppose at this time of year. In fact, the leader was amazed that she had a new member! Only 4 of us stayed to the chat, and I think this was cut short.
I've now got all the books, and need to get my head around it all. I'm fine with the red/green, just need to understand EE.
I must admit I've had a "eat all the pies" session today. I couldn't sleep,a nd got up at 4.30am and ate loads of toast....and then found a M & S trifle in the fridge that i forgot I'd bought, so had a small bowl of that. yes, at 5am!! we went to the local chippy for lunch (fish & chips), but I've not eaten much since. I was tempted to do a "start tomorrow" routine, and reached for the bread/trifle/cakes, but resisted, and have had 3 ryvitas and 2 tangerines.
I'm busy planning out menu combinations now.......the tricky part will be the buffet i do for the NYE party on saturday. I'm just going to have to be a lot more choosy about what I eat.....maybe 1 slice of garlic bread that i enjoy, and not 3 slices eaten without noticing! 1 little cheese roll (no sausage rolls, i'm a veggie!) and not stuffing a couple as they come out of the oven! You get the picture.......
Anyway, off to plan some more........I think preparation will be the key. It's just that nearly 60 pounds to lose sounds so daunting! :(


has a thin girl inside!
Good on you for joining before new year!! And like u said, next week could have been a couple of extra pounds, even tipping the next stone barrier?! :-/ but it didn't cos u did it now :-D

As for new years eve party - buffet can be dofficult as there's so many choices...why not try soemthing different for everyone...

Oven full of jacket potatoes, salads, meats (for those who eat it) veg chilli, big pot of beans and cheese (be careful if u have it!) tuna (no Mayo! Lol) and general toppings. It's not expensive, everyone likes it! And is different :-D

Or a big veg lasagne?! Remember, yr a veggie, but ppl who eat meat can eat veggie foods too! :-D

There's some low syn or syn free dips on here I could make?

Hope u manage to stick on plan, I know I'd prefer to spend my syns on the odd drink on NYE than a scotch egg! Lol xx
Thank you Cai, it's good of you to reply. Feel a bit more in control today....going to have a green day, with Fruit & Fibre for b/f, bubble & squeak for lunch, pasta and home made pasta sauce for dinner, with my sins spent on a glass of home made mojito and some ciabatta with my pasta.
Well, back from my first weigh in, and so glad I did join last week, as I managed to lose 4.5 pounds!
My DH was convinced I'd put on as I've eaten so much. I did make huge changes to my diet, and found I was eating far more fruit & veg, and also making an effort to eat brekkie.
I've loved using this website for recipe ideas, and also think the official SW one is excellent for keeping a food diary.
I discovered SW quiches this week, and have made them every day ( 3 eggs and 1 tub of quark). I've eaten them for breakfast, lunch and dinner....on different days! at the moment I don't think I could ever get sick of them. I'm also loving Muller yogurts, especially the coconut ones.
I've made sweet potato fritters, from the SW magazine, which were a big hit. I'll definitely make them again!
I've managed to cope with holding a New Year's Eve party; where i chose not to drink, but to eat what i wanted...in moderation....and also eat mindfully, so i still ate a few pringles, cheese rolls (veggie sausage rolls) etc.
I also coped with lunch out today for my eldest son's birthday, where I made different food choices; whereas i would normally have chosen deep fried brie I chose grilled sardines to start, then chose baked salmon with chips for a main course. I counted the chips as my sins for the day, and limited the bread, with no dessert.
Actually, I'm really excited right now......I really think I could do well here. Go me!!

Hope to hear from anyone who's actually reading my ramblings!

Oh, and can anyone advise me how to update my ticker? It's not allowing me to click on it like I though it would....is that because I'm on an Apple computer??


Never gets tired of SW!
Hi Lucy, just stumbled across you as the word Rhosilli jumped out at me!! I'm around the headland in Llanmadoc!! Hope you're OK and enjoying SW!! Which class are you going to? I go to Alicia's class in Sketty Park on Monday evenings (tonight!!) Hope you're enjoying the plan- I can vouch for the fact it's a good one because I've lost 5st 2lb! It did take me 2 years but it was well worth the wait!!!X