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Here we go...again

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Showag, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Showag

    Showag Full Member

    Today is our first day back on to the slimming world wagon and hopefully can stick to it and keep the momentum going!!

    Myself and my partner have piled on the weight and need to loose it! Ive attempted slimming world before but lost all motivation, the class I was going to just wasn't what I expected and I lost all faith in it, the majority of women that went were all the same or heavier than when they had joined 2 or 3 years ago and were more in interested in gossip - sounds awful of me but I joined to loose weight and get the motivation we very rarely got help with reciepes etc and the team leader women contradicted a lot of the stuff she told us or what was in the slimming world books etc.

    We have set out a sort of meal plan of the week, I suppose it works for us as my partner doesn't really comprehend the plan too much so its easier just telling him what to eat and hopefully we are getting it right!

    Any feedback would be great and Happy New Year to all!! :)

    Day 1;

    Both of us had;
    Hex A = 350ml of skimmed milk
    Hex B = 1 slice wholemeal bread (I will be having mine for tea, my partner used his for brekky)


    Oats so simple apple & cherry porridge - 6.5 syns - used Hex A for milk

    My Partner;
    2 x wholemeal bread - Hex B + 5 syns
    1 level tbspoon lurpak - 5.5 syns
    1 x banana

    Me; Apple
    Partner: Banana & Orange

    Large jacket with 1 level teaspoon of lurpak = 2 syns
    Large salad

    Don't know! Havent spoken to him yet!! But will most likely be along the same lines as myself!

    For tea we are making a beef stew, I think the only syns needed are for the gravy.. I think?

    Ive been mainly drinking green tea or fruit teas to cut down on the caffeine, do I need to syns these too?

    Thanks!! :)
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  3. Showag

    Showag Full Member

    Well, for tea we ended up having beef stew, I used my hexb of bread along with spread, including the gravy from the strew (which wasn't much) I tallied off my syns on that. My partner did pretty much the same. We also had fat free WW yogurt for afters with some fruit too.


    Me; Hex B - 28g Bran flakes with Hex A skimmed milk, raspberries and chopped banana.
    Partner; Scrambled eggs made with 1 teaspoon of lurpak (2syns) and Hex A skimmed Milk & Tin of baked beans

    Me; Jacket potato with salad leaves, toms, scallions, half a tin of salmon mashed with salt and pepper and 1 level tspoon lurpak (2syns)
    Partner; Jacket potato with baked beans and some butter (1tspoon 2syns)


    We've made up some salmon fishcakes with scallion, tinned salmon, mashed potato (tiny bit of milk and 2 tspoon lurpak - 4syns). I think, looking at it, we will probs get around 10 fish cakes at a good palm size, doubt we will have the lot tonight! I read somewhere to roll them in egg and uncooked couscous to get a crunch which means we're not using hexb or any more syns so I think we will give that a bash on a couple of them (my partner detests couscous!) we will have these with lots of steamed veg tossed in parsley and olive oil fry light to avoid any more syns for the butter!

    So far so good!
  4. Showag

    Showag Full Member

    So last night we ended up having 3 fish cakes with piles of green beans and broccoli chucked in parsley, S&P and fry light, really helped with the flavour of the veg! We dipped the fishcakes in egg and rolled in couscous and got to say really enjoyed them!

    So far today...

    Me; Plain porridge - Hex B, made with Hex A of skimmed milk, pear and apple.
    Partner; 2 FF WW Fruit yogurts, Slice of toast & fruit

    Me: I have planned a jacket spud with smidge of butter, S&P and baked beans!
    Partner; No clue as of yet! But think hes opting for a jacket with veg!

    We're going to make the KFC style chicken today, were going to make it with some drumsticks and with sliced chicken breast along with baked beans and SW fries! :)
  5. Showag

    Showag Full Member

    KFC Chicken turned out really nice! we made it with smash as it was noted somewhere on here that its free then so munched that down with HM coldslaw which worked out at 2syns each for it, mixed salad and SW chips!


    Me; 2 x WW yogurts with a large bowl of mixed fruit, cup of tea - hex a milk
    Partner; Flavoured porridge - 6.5 syns & fruit

    I also had a hot chocolate for a mid day fix at work, it only works out at 2 syns for a sachet and they are really chocolatey so enjoyed it!!


    We're both having some SW style broccoli and blue cheese soup I made last night - turned out LUSH... my mum gave me the recipe which is - whole head of broccoli (a large head!), 2 veg oxo cubes, salt and pepper and 3 laughing cow light blue cheese (1 1/2 syns or 4 as Hexb). Cook until tender - not soggy! - Blend up the mixture while still hot and add in the 3 cheese triangles until smooth - can have chunky if preferred!

    I love this soup! only works out 4.5 syns for the whole pan or none if you use up your hexb for this!

    For tea we have a lamb stew bubbling away in the slow cooker - cannot wait! We're chucking some mint in too so should be lurrrvly!!
    Chop up the broccoli add the oxo cubes, salt and pepper and fill with boiling water so the broccoli is just covered.
    Last edited: 9 January 2014
  6. Showag

    Showag Full Member

    So last night we had minty lamb hot pot - LUSH!! we attempted the couscous dumplings they seemed to turn out ok although if we make them again ill be using 3 eggs. We added some herbs into them to give them a bit more of a taste. We synned the stew at 4syns each as we used a bit of gravy granules and mint sauce.

    Today - Friday!

    Me - Breakfast - Shape 0% fat free yogurt mixed in with some strawberries and and raspberries.
    Partner - Baked beans and scrambled egg made up with little butter - 2syns and hex a of milk.

    Dinner -
    Me - left over of last night stew & strawberries and chopped banana covered with muller light chocolate yogurt. I read somewhere these where 5 or 5.5 syns so ive put them at 6 just in case as well as another 2 syns for the stew!
    Partner - same except choccy yogurt


    Syn free turkey burgers with home made relish (1/2 syn for tomato puree if used) lettuace, hex b whole meal bun and plenty of salad. Serving it with polenta chips made from a ready made block of polenta!
  7. Showag

    Showag Full Member

    Well its a week gone and we weighed in Sunday! I lost 6lb and my partner lost 7.5lb! Both really chuffed!!

    The weekend went well!

    Friday we had our turkey burgers, Saturday - I cant actually remember but we stuck to plan and sunday we have a slimming world friendly sunday roast with 6 syns for yorkie and gravy and then used the rest of the syns on some bashed up chocolate mixed up with some muller light yogurts for a creamy/frozen ice cream type of dessert!!


    Well I was off skew this morning and weren't feeling too great so didn't go into work first thing but worked from home, I had a few green teas and missed breaky - couldn't face it! For dinner I had crab sticks with a large mixed salad and my hex b pitta. 4 syns for the salad cream and mayo mix in the salad! Partner had the same except he had cooked sliced ham not crabsticks!

    For tea... .quorn chicken stir fry.. we think! we haven't fully decided yet!

    Been spending most of the day drinking fruity teas and water not feeling to great at all today think an early night is in order!!
  8. Showag

    Showag Full Member

    Well we had quorn chicken stir fry which was really nice!

    Yesterday I think it was yogurt and fruit for breaky.... then salmon and salad for dinner!

    Tea we made lean beef burgers using hex's and they were lush!!!

    I used all my syns up on some chocolate smashed up in yogurt but my partner is doing great and not really bothering with anything! hes become a bit of a fruit monster so I suppose that's good!?

    Today so far...
    Breakky - yogurt and fruit

    Dinner - Sardines with salad

    Tea - duck legs with stiry fry veg!
  9. fat2go

    fat2go Full Member

    First weight in soon?

    How well do you think it's going to look on the scales ? :)
  10. Showag

    Showag Full Member


    We already had our first weigh in last sunday! I had lost 6lbs my partner 7.5! Both really chuffed with progress so far, doesn't feel like we're dieting at all!

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