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  1. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    I promised myself I'd be happy with my weight by my daughter's 1st birthday. She's 7 months and I've still not started!

    Tuesday WI
    Starting weight - 12st 2.5lb
    Next target - Into the 11s

    Breakfast - Cheerios 3ppts, Semi-Skimmed Milk 2ppts

    Lunch - White pitta 4ppts, Mozzarella cheese 2ppts, Tomatoes, Apple & Orange

    Dinner - Baked potato 7ppts, Salsa chicken 3ppts, Veg

    Snacks - Skips x2 5ppts

    TOTAL - 26ppts

    Gym - 5 mins cycle, 10 mins cross trainer, 15 min treadmill (ran a mile, yay!), 3.5 min row (500m), various abs/weights exercises.
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  3. kaz1979

    kaz1979 Full Member

    Good luck x still have time to reach where you want to be.
    Congratulations on your little one xx
  4. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    Thanks Kaz :)
  5. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    Breakfast - Cheerios with semi skimmed milk 5ppts

    Lunch - Brown sandwich thin 3ppts, tomato purée, mozzarella 2ppts, mushrooms and tomatoes, apple.

    Dinner - Tomato & Basil Soup, Spag Bol 12ppts, 1/4 garlic flatbread 4ppts

    TOTAL - 26ppts

    Gym - 5 mins bike, 10 mins cross trainer, various abs/weights

    2 hour walk with the pram
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  6. kaz1979

    kaz1979 Full Member

    Yum sounds good. X having sweet and sour for my tea. So far so good !
  7. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    Sundays are difficult. I go to my gran's for dinner so I never really know what I'll be having. Luckily today we had chicken!

    Breakfast - Cheerios with semi-skimmed milk 5ppts (I really need to branch out one of these days)

    Lunch - Cheese 3ppts & Tomato Toastie 4ppts and a bowl of tomato & basil soup

    Dinner - Chicken leg 3ppts, potatoes 2ppts and veg.

    So this left me 9ppts. Luxury. So instead of being sensible I had 70g of chicken and thyme sensations. Ah-ma-zing.

    TOTAL - 26ppts

    No exercise at all. Lazy moo.
  8. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    Okay so I had a sneak peek on the scales this morning. I know I shouldn't, weigh in is tomorrow anyway. I'm just nervous because I've been exercising my butt off and usually when I do that my weight loss stalls. It's a bit annoying but I've taken measurements this time too so hopefully I'll see a difference. Looking like a 2lb loss at the moment so it's definitely a positive.

    Plan for today (updated throughout)

    Breakfast - Cheerios with semi skimmed milk 5ppts

    Lunch - Tomato & Basil soup with a brown sandwich thin 3ppts

    Dinner - Chicken 4ppts with nandos marinade 1ppt, pitta 4ppts, rice 3ppts, salsa 1ppt

    Snacks - 25g chicken & thyme sensations & a bag of skips 2ppts

    TOTAL - 26ppts

    Did a 40 min walk with the pram but that's it exercise wise.
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  9. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    As an aside, I tend to snack on fruit but rarely track it.
  10. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    Not a bad day all in. Updated the post I'd done my plan in to reflect what I actually had.

    Weigh in is tomorrow so I'll have no breakfast - bad habit I know but what can you do? :D - and dinner is 7ppts so I'll have loads to play with for lunch. I'll probably end up having something really boring lol!

    Made more soup today as it's been a total lifesaver this week. Does anyone peeking in have any good soup recipies?
  11. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

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    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    What times your weigh in?? Good luck!!
    what soups you been making? I fancy making a butternut squash one just need to find a good recipe xx
  12. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    Half 10 :)

    Just been making tomato & basil. Think there's a good red pepper & butternut squash recipe kicking about, I'll post it up if I find it x
  13. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    Sometimes I wonder if joe (husband) is completely useless at things so that I don't ask him to do it again. Baby woke at half 11 so I asked him to give her a bottle - not unreasonable, it was only half 11 - but he 'forgot' to change her nappy so I had to get up anyway and then she was wide awake & I'm still waiting for her to settle. Grr!
  14. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    Weigh in this morning - 3.5lb off :D
    Measured as well - 4in off total

    Very happy with that - got my first mini-goal of being into the 11s as well so my next goal is my half stone, another 3.5lb to go!
  15. kaz1979

    kaz1979 Full Member

    Well done xx
  16. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    Thanks :)

    Breakfast - nothing 'cause of WI. Bad habit I know!

    Lunch - 2 brown sandwich thins 6ppts with mozzarella 5ppts, tomato purée, tomatoes and mushrooms

    Dinner - BBQ Chicken skewers 4ppts with rosemary potatoes 2ppts

    Snacks - Sensations 4ppts, skittles 5ppts

    TOTAL - 26ppts

    Nice big lunch today, was a bit of a treat. Clearly my definition of treat has changed lately lol.
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  17. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    I'm pretty sure dominos have text or emailed me more since I've started weight watchers than they ever did before. How rude.
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  19. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    I don't want to speak too soon but I'm finding this incredibly easy! Maybe it's just 'cause it's early days and the motivation is there.

    I've ran out of diet coke, tomato purée, tomatoes and mushrooms so I'm considering nipping to the shop for them tomorrow but I'm also pretty skint so wondering if it can wait 'till Friday. Probably not 'cause they're kinda my staples on this plan.

    Tomorrow -

    Breakfast - Cheerios with semi skimmed milk 5ppts

    Lunch - Soup and a sandwich thin 3ppts

    Dinner - Chicken 4ppts, fajitas 14ppts, cheese 5ppts

    Snacks - Sensations 7ppts

    TOTAL - 38ppts 37 weeklies left
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  20. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    Bit of a change of plan today, I've updated my last post. Don't have mushrooms so a chicken and mushroom pie is fairly unachievable and I just can't be arsed going out today - gym later though.

    Decided to finish my crisps as a treat as well though. Bloody lovely they are too :)
  21. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    Went to the gym and someone was on the cross trainer when it was in my routine to be on it, I felt so useless lol! Got on it shortly after and then when it came to the treadmill I ran for 5 mins and then gave up. By the time I'd done my abs and weights I was more geared up though and went back and ran half a mile so not great but better than nothing.

    Just went 'round asda like a sweaty mess though - home for a nice shower and bed now. Can't wait!

    Was a bit of a cheat day today with the high point dinner and the crisps but still counted everything so fingers crossed I can still do well. My problem with weeklies is that I tend to go way off track one day and just write them off - I'm not sure I've ever done a week of counting them properly when I've been on the plan before.

    Meeting a friend with the baby tomorrow but I think I'll have lunch before I go to avoid (or reduce at least!) temptation.
  22. Maria2206

    Maria2206 Silver Member

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    SW (previously WW, before that SW 30.07.13)
    Here to subscribe. Great loss, well done.

    I am a soup lover as well. Are you just after 0pp soups? That's what I usually have but am finding they are not seeing me through at the moment. I have a couple of good soup recipes: carrot & red lentil (3pp per serving), leek and butternut squash (1pp). The butternut squash and red pepper recipe someone mentioned above is good too and I think that is 0pp. Let me now if you want any of them.

    Good luck for the current week.
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