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ProPoints propoints here we go!

Well, I'm back. I've put on a stupid amount and I need to get it off and then some!

Yesterday was as follows:


B: 2 clementines = 0ppt
melon = 0ppt
ww lemon cake - 2ppts

L: french onion soup - 3ppts
2 x crunpets = 5ppts
velvet crunch = 2ppts

D: chicken = 4ppts
amoy fine noodles = 6ppts
light soy sauce = 0ppts
veg = 1ppts
mince pie = 7ppts :eek: had enough ppts though!

S: 50g of smoked salmon = 3ppts

33ppts/37ppts plus 5ppts for Activity (1hr walking).
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addicted to minimins
Nice job! Don't you love going to bed at night knowing you made good choices all day? :)

Keep it up lady! :clap:
It was Morrisons "The Best" - it was okay (I'd never had FOS soup) and 3ppts for the whole can!

Thanks Missfortissimo - you're right, it did feel ace to know I'd made good choices (bar the mince pie, but it's the festive season) and I felt hugely proud that I had one Rose's chocolate today when my body was saying cram in another two!


B: 2 x crumpets = 5ppts
2 x clemetine = 0ppts
Apple = 0ppts

L: Shapers Caeser Salad = 4ppts
Smoked salmon = 2ppts
Rose choc = 2ppts
Grapes = 0ppts

D: Chicken in red wine sauce from Morrisons = 8ppts
Soy sauce = 1ppts
SF jelly = 0ppts
Eat Smart Yoghurt = 2ppts

S: WW Lemon Cake = 2ppts
Extra (for a tiny bit of mash, like half a tsp!) = 1ppts

Activity - 5ppts (1hr walk)


B: Porridge = 5ppts

L: Crackerbread = 2ppts
Chicken Noodle Soup = 1ppts
Velvet Crunch = 2ppts
Wafer Thin Ham = 2ppts
Dairylea triangle = 1ppts
Go Ahead bar = 2ppts
Apple = 0ppts
Clementine = 0ppts

D: Pork loin = 5ppts
Potatoes = 2ppts
50ml of light single cream = 2ppts
Light soy sauce = 1ppts
Mustard = 1ppts

S: Sugar free jelly = 0ppts
Chocolate digestive = 2ppts

28/37ppts plus 5 Activity Points.
Sunday 02/01/11

B: Porridge = 5ppts
L: Turkey and Ham Subway = 7ppts
Go Ahead bar = 2ppts

D: BGTY Chicken and Pot meal = 8ppts
BGTY Chocolate pud = 5ppts
Shortbread = 2ppts

S: Apple = 0ppts
Clemetines = 0ppts
Melon = 0ppts


Just dropping in to say Hi!!

Am amazed...a whole can of 'posh nosh' Mozzers The Best FOS? 3ppts!!

*jumps in car, hotfoots it to Mozzers, waits all night in Car Park for it to open, fills ENTIRE house with tins of FOS*

Hi RhiBro! Thanks for dropping by :)

Yeup, as long as my calculations are right the FOS is 3ppts! It's not very high in anything!

B: Porridge = 5ppts
L: Turkey & Ham Subway = 7ppts
Apple = 0ppts
D: Stir Fry = 13ppts
S: Veg Soup (homemade) = 1ppts
WW Chocolate Slice = 5ppts

32/37ppts plus 4 Activity Ppts. I've still got 39 of my weekly left but I wanted to get off to the best possible start! SP shows a loss but I need the toilet (if you get my drift) and am hoping I will go tonight!


B: Porridge = 5ppts
Pineapple = 0ppts

L: Homemade Veg Soup = 1ppt
Crumpet = 2ppts
Crabsticks = 1ppt
Velvet Crunch = 2ppts

D: Eat Smart Cumberland Sausages x 3 = 5ppts
150g boiled potato = 3ppts
Swede = 0ppts
Brocolli = 0ppts
Carrots = 0ppts
Sprouts = 0ppts
Curry paste = 1ppt
Chopped Toms = 0ppts
Cheese = 2ppts
SF Jelly = 0ppts

S: Jaffa cake = 1ppt
SF fruit squash = 2ppts
2 WW Chocolate slices = 5ppts

So far, 30ppts/36ppts used plus 2 Activity Points for 30 mins of Wii.
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It was a sort of casserole - I cooked the sausages then added them to chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and a dash of curry paste and cooked in the oven - the sausages were really tender and soft :) I then mashed potato with swede (really nice and looks like loads) with loads of veg. Very filling dinner! xxx
Thanks Claire xxx

Today has been a bit off kilter - I've been sleeping a lot at the moment and I'm still so constipated I feel so ill - tonight I've been drinking wine to try and get it going (usually a fool proof way, TMI!) so have nearly had a bottle, but still within points!

B: Yoghurt = 3ppts
Apple = 0ppts

L: Veg Chilli Soup = 2ppts
Velvet Crunch = 2ppts
2 WW Choco Slices = 5ppts
Pineapple = 0ppts

D: Chilli Wedge Bowl from Morrisons = 7ppts
600ml of wine = 14ppts (eek)
Toffypop = 2ppts
Cheese (I had a tiny sprinkling of paramasan on my dinner and isn't a point but thought I'd point up) = 1ppt

36ppts/36ppts (49ppts left weekly) Activity 2ppts from Wii.

Whoops! xxx
i know its abit gross but i take aloe vera colax cleanse tablets 4 contipation,i take 1 at nite and then drink hot water in the morning and hey presto it works,u can get them from holland and barratts
Congratulations on your brown baby :)
HA! Brilliant. :D

Thanks Benji, I'll give that a try when I'm next in town (the buying of the tablets, rather than the crimping one out).

Haven't felt so well today (due to the over consumption of wine) so haven't eaten a great deal. Here is my breakdown.

B: Porridge = 5ppts

L: Veg Soup = 0ppt
WW Tortillas = 2ppts
Nimble Bread = 3ppts
Dairylea Triangle = 1ppt

D: Homemade Fish and Chips = 10ppts
Tomato Ketchup = 1ppt
Apricots (drained) = 0ppt
Yoghurt = 2ppts

S: WW Chocolate Slice = 2ppts

26ppts/36ppts + 5ppts for hours walk :) 44 Weekly Points remaining.
Let me know how all this PPing goes! I really dont think it will work for me :( It reminds me of slimming world a bit!
Ur food diary seems good missy :)

Keep it up! :D

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