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Here we go Part One

Hi all. I am a CD returner. I started CD today. I declined to know what I weigh or what my measurements are. I have decided on 10lb increments as my goals as anything else is too overwhelming. Also 10lbs is approximately a dress size so this is doable for me.

The previous 12 months have been horrendous. My husband has been seriously ill and various issues at work have left me reeling. I have been undergoing counselling and feel stronger now. I promised my counsellor that I would do something for me - CD is for me. My weight loss is for me. I need to reclaim my body, mind and soul.

The first day of SS has been hard but I have persevered. I am determined to succeed. This journal is part of my recovery because am going to use it as a theraputic tool to help myself. One day I will write about what has happened and how I ended up here.

Food is not comfort. Food is fuel. Food is not my friend nor is it a 'relationship'. I revisited some previous journals I had written and saw these comments. I am going to focus on them. Hopefully, this journal will help me to commit to honesty in my life and in my dealings with food.

I hope to post daily to inspire and motivate myself, not to mention distract myself from the damn kitchen!!!

Here I go. I will do this. 10lbs at a time.xxx:):):):):)
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welcome and im sure you are gonna do fantastic on this diet.you are in the right frame of mind for this diet and if your minds in the right place thats half the battle won.... good luck but im sure you wont need it ... and there are some gr8 people always on here for help and advice or even a good moan 2 and not 4getting to share your gr8 weight losses with xx
Wow! Replies already! I am amazed! I will do it. My friend (who is a great believer in angels and their healing power) tells me that if we say something (negative or positive) it cmes back tenfold. Therefore 'I will lose 10lbs' is out there and I will focus on that. Thank you for all of your support.
i remember you from way back good luck with your journey i too restart tomorrow so we can journey together take care
Hey... welcome back... have often thought about how you and urs were... glad to see you back and I hope this is a turning point for you xxx
Food is not my friend. Food is not a relationship. Food is fuel. I am going to lose 10lbs in 2 weeks. I am going to succeed. I need to make this my positive affirmation to talk myself up. This morning I reread elements of my LL workbook to remind myself of the goals I had hoped to achieve in 2006. It is 2008 and some have been accomplished, sadly some not. I will do it. I can make good, non-food choices for me. Onwards and downwards....

hi again today is my 1st day part 2 so you are one day ahead of me had porridge about 10 and only 1.5 ltres of water i have a headache but feeling positive keep it up
Food is not my friend. H.A.L.T - these are my mantras. I went back to school yesterday and it was ok. Survived on packs. Feel really hungry this morning but am still focussed on losing that first 10lbs. I will do this. Making good choices for me...
keep on making good choices for yourself and you will achievve whatever you want to achieve
I have had a very disrupted night's sleep. Am psyching myself into today's events. I have 2 lessons + relentless admin and twaddle to do. I feel so grim that the thought of eating is turning my stomach. At least I won't be tempted to eat... I am still trying to focus on making positive choices for myself and the H.A.L.T mantra. I am determined to do this and lose my first 10lbs. Onwards we go...

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