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Here we go...


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ello all,

I'm starting (again) on a healthy eating plan - no diet no fads- just cutting out rubbish and having 3 meals a day. To be fair I'm struggling....terribly. I start on a Monday great ans full of enthusiasm come to Friday it all goes horribly wrong, i really dont want to go back down the Weight Watchers route a) because of the expense and b) because i want to do this without obsessing about points and cheating etc. I have a hectic work schedule and sometimes struggle with routine. I am lucky in the fact i can walk to and from work when im not working in london which is a good 50 mins walk so this is great ... if i stick to the healthy eating. I have no one to talk about it with as all my work mates are a healthy weight and my close friends are too - my wonderfull husband is too blessed with a fast metabolism and i have a feeling of dread when he looks at me that he eventually just wont fancy me for much longer. when i met him i was between 12 - 13 st and now im a whopping 16 st. I hate my image which i know doesnt help and even more i hate my pathetic will power. I hope someone here is feeling how i feel - and could be a kindered spirit :)

Phew! i feel better after that!
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hey hey!!! good to get stuff out in the open isnt it!!! good luck and youl do fantasic :D x


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hey tif, we are all here for you to talk to!

i have the whole BF issue , he is stick thin, altho he met me as i am now, i get worried he will all of a sudden realise im fat! so im trying to loose weight and stick with it. i find it REALLY hard. but as long as i have minimins ill keep trying


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Hey there, totally understand how you feel. I have tried for a while to lose weight and it's so hard at the beginning and easy to just give up.
But....you can do it. Just stick with it. Don't go too extreme, cut down gradually to make it easier. Routine is the key, now that I have a routine it is much easier.
Try to make ur lunch the night before and take it in with you and plan ur dinners in advance. If its not in the house u can't eat it!!:)
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I'm in the same boat... Just counting calories, no specific diet as such just trying to eat sensibly and hopefully between that and exercise I'll lose some weight and tone up!

I find because I'm not following a specific diet it's really hard to chat to people about it though - especially if you're eating stuff that they can't because their diet doesn't allow it.

I'm starting properly (again!) on Monday after DH has been paid and I can buy what I want! My Hubby is really thin and so just doesn't understand how I feel or what I'm going through. He keeps saying I'm beautiful the way I am but I just don't feel it. I feel the same as you, like one day he'll wake up and see the flab and stretch marks and hit the road. :sigh:

Good luck!

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