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Here will come the "slim" bride's diary

Here goes my journey on the LT.
Started it last wednesday, weighing in at 11stone.... yes not that much to lose but still enough for me to get back to feeling confident and slim. Height 5ft2" so im small aswell. Currently dress size 14/16 (wear bigger to hide the belly) My goal is 9 stone.

Getting married beginning of July, REFUSE to walk down that isle thinking i am looking fat, after all this is ment to be MY day and i am ment to be feeling special. The dress shopping did nothing for me.... why do they insist on making the dresses so small so my dress is a size 16.... now i am wearing 14 and slowly going back into a 12 although i wouldnt dash out and buy 12's just yet. Looks like the alterations will be costly:)

I have found even after day 5 that most of my eating is due to comfort eating and left over food from kids plates, making meals as been easier since i have started this diet because i know that i am not allowed to even try a little taste....... so now strange as this may be i am cooking more and more and even subscribed to a baking magazine to bake in my spare time...... yeah i do find that a little strange myself. Weigh in tomorrow, i have tried not to obsess and stand on the scales everyday... but that failed.........lol. Not sure what to expect tomorrow but hoping that it will be over 4lbs........ i will let you know
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Well done for taking the first step! This site is a god send for those times when you feel a bit wobbly, there are so many motivational stories and inspiring people on here. Whether you're after an ear to bend or a kick in the rear theres always somebody to help!!! :welcome:


Slim for summer
Hi, Good luck on LT, I did this last year to lose weight for my wedding, best thing I did! :)
Here i am officially out of the first week and feeling more poo than ever today, woke up with a banging headache.
The explaination for this (this is what i am telling myself, don't know if i am right) i ate a strawberry yesterday..... well half and hid the other half....lol, just to be poilte.

On a brighter happier note i Lost 7lbs :):):):) I can tell the difference in my clothes already and its great, thats what i spuring me on at the minute when i heep walking past the mirror looking at my now ever shrinking stomach. ITS GREAT.

I did nearly cave last night and eat, so i was in bed for 8.30pm, i was soooooo tempted. Everyone is draging the diet down telling me im doing well and can see the weight coming off but al saying "when you eat again it will all come back on for the wedding and you have done it all for nothing" "its silly" blah blah blah blah, it just puts these seeds of doubts in my head that what if their right and it DOES all come back on straight away....... but i did not eat and give in regardless of the doubts i have.

I now have to tell myself the weight loss wont be as good as this week, and remind myself that its still working but at a slower pace now :):):):):):):):):):):)
I think im going to be on here more and more to stop myself eating
Oh yeah Jen Jen we booked a honeymoon this week, Can't wait to look slim on that beach.

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Ignore anyones comments if they are not on this diet or never have been. They dont know what its all about. Its up to you not to put it back on not the diets fault. If they are saying that then they have no faith in you. You need to tell them that your not going to put it back on afterwards and to belt up! You need a strong suppirt network at home and the diet is tough enough to stick to without having great support. I feel for you but i also know that ur strong enough to do it. Good luck x
I think thats what i need to do..... sod everyone else i am doing this for me, i have the support of my partner and thats all that matters. I know if i go back to eating how i was then it will come back on..... i just keep thinking of that 5* all inclusive honeymoon...... all that food...........lol
wow 7lbs is fantastic!!! thats a quarter of what you need to lose!! brilliant!!

Yes ignore everyone else!! I found when I did it a couple of years ago, and got mega skinny, everyone that had been saying how bad it was, changed their tune, and some even went out and signed up for lipotrim!!! (I put my weight back on due to a divorce and anti-depressants!!!! so dont worry about gaining it back on your honeymoon!!! :) )

keep up the good work! you can do it!! just keep looking through those wedding magazines and think how gorgeous you are going to look

j xxx
Half a stone is great! Well done! With not much to lose thats a fantastic start! With 7 weeks to go till my big day its become bill paying time!! Paid off the hotel today and the honeymoon - Maldives here we come! Woop! where are you off to? Think how fab you'll feel in your bikinis!
Thanks ladies.
So is this a new start for you then missgreedy??? (sorry dont know names yet...lol)
And Lola i want to SCREAAAAM at you, im so so jealous Maldives is where we were booking up until 4 days ago when we found out it would be monsoon season :( we didnt see the point in spending 3k+ to spend in the rain and cloudy.... at least when you go it will be lovely and perfect. I really had my heart set on a water villa aswell :( we have booked to go to a resort/spa in corfu, nothing like the maldives but it will be warmer and no rain :)
Been a walk today with the little kiddies and been good with the water and near enough drank what i am ment to be drinking for once. hope your all having good days


Slim for summer
Yay! well done on losing 7 lb!!:)

keep going it will all be soo worth it when you get into that dress.. x
Corfu will still be amazing, and you'll be a Mrs too! We looked at the water villas but I liked the idea of outside space so we've gone for a jacuzzi beach villa right on the shore with an outdoor jacuzzi in our garden! we've never been on holiday before though so that should be an experience!!!
It sounds amazing, i will go one day when its not monsoon time....lol
Hi - yes a new start for me!! I'm soo determined this time!! And its great that this forum is here and you dont feel so alone doing it!!

I'm sat here very very very jealous at you all having lovely honeymoons!! I'll have to go and find a holiday now!! hehe!!

jane x
Had another good day today, been out and not even felt the need to eat at all, so far so good.
I think its because i can see the results of a week when i put on my clothes and my face just looks thinner already so now i have the motivation to stick at it.... hope everyone else is doing well today, lets keep it up :)


Silver Member
Well done!!! Ignore all negative comments and soak up all the positive ones! You can do it!
Thanks ladies for all your lovely comments, it keeps me going. Had a busy weekend and really felt the urge to eat. could have cried last night when everyone was sat around me eating pizza i wanted it so much, i have had a cup of tea with milk this week and even that made me feel guilty after i had drank it, strange how i now feel guilty over a tiny drop of milk.... not sure what it will do, does it set me back with the weight loss?? thats the first time i cheated so doing well so far. I am feeling great in myself, and my new slimness just cooking and baking all weekend has taken it out of me and sat feeling sorry for myself, its amazing how much food makes you feel happy then you take it away and you have to deal with it.
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend xxx


Slim for summer
Im finding it really hard too cooking for everyone :(

We will get stronger as the wekks go on, keep going!
Well ive baked cakes galore this week for everyone except me....lol, but i never caved and ate any :)
Im dreading todays weigh in, i have done soooo well and yet i feel like i have lost nothing and i am just dreading standing on the scales to be left feeling like crap... i am REALLY constipated atm (sorry tmi) so i am asking the chemist for the fibre things tonight, its made me look like ive lost nothing because im all bloated and in pain. I even resorted to taking 3 sennas last night which have done nothing at all :( i just hope this doesnt effect my loss later.
Don't know what it is but i feel like its getting harder and harder for me at the minute, food is everywhere around me and i just keep thinking, an i just have a nibble on that, a bit of this or whats the point i have to stick to a diet forever now anyway maybe i should just make myself happy and have a chinese........ but then i know i would go to bed feeling sick and guilty thats the reason i haven't caved into the temptation.
I want to face week 3 more positive than i have felt this week

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