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Here's to a lighter me


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Hi guys, been on the ww forum before a while ago, but you all know how the story goes. Anyway my SIL and sister are currently doing great on LL so i thought what have i got to lose? except £70 a week :( (and for a poor student thats a lot). I'm a bit nervous as ive never tried anything like this before, but think it might just be the thing i need, to take food out the equation. My first class is tomorrow night so i know this is going to be a very tough week ahead for me. so i look forward to hearing from you all and hopefully we can help each other through all the hard times.
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Good Luck Jo :D
You might find you breeze through the first week ... fingers crossed for ya ;)


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Good luck Jo and welcome :D. My only advice for the first week is to keep positive, you can do it and it is possible however hard it seems! So when in doubt, think of the the joy when you see those pounds flying off and the great feeling youll get when you reach your goal!


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Thanks for your messages of support guys, i'll let you all know how tomorrow night goes, think i'll go a bit crazy in the food department tomorrow though as it'll be my last day for a while x
Good luck Joanne, you'll do fine! Stay positive and just keep focussed on that first weigh in - trust me it makes it all worth it! :)


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Good luck Hun.
First week is a ***** but after that it really is easy. And seeing the results week after week makes it all worth while.
LL is the best thing I've ever done.
It's life changing!! :)
Good luck, Joanne, and welcome! Stay positive and focused and after the first few days the time will start to fly by - honest!


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Thanks for all your words of encouragement. Day 1 starts today, thing is though im nightshift tonight so really need to hang off for a while before i have my first shake, ive been dreaming about starting this diet all night lol x


Hi Joanne , best of luck!
I was absolutely fine in my first week and have been fine ever since, everyone is different :) x


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Hi guys, 1st day almost over and i must admit i feel like ***** already, i suppose it doesn't help that im nightshift just now and heading straight to uni in the morning, so i wont get till my bed till after 1pm. Ive had 2 shakes and a veg soup so far just about to make my choc one into a hot choc, im hungry :-(
You will feel the benefits soon just keep on going because sounds like you did amazing today.You seem so determined and motivated to lose it from what you have ate and i envy your will-power. I couldn't eat so little in a day. Night shift will be exercise for you and uni tomorrow will burn more calories. I cant wait to hear what your weightloss will be after this week fly's. Its going to be really good if you eat so healthily everyday.


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Thanks Kitty, i knew LL was going to be hard, maybe i should have started a week when was able to get to my bed early and not think about it too much, ill keep my fingers crossed for now x
Hi, Joanne. How are you doing? Sounds like you have a difficult schedule. Once you've made it through the first week though you will find it so much easier, truly. It's always possible to think "I should have started this at such-and-such a time" but the thing is, there is never a "perfect" time. The first few days were bound to be a bit challenging, whatever your circumstances (your body is getting a bit of a shock!) but honestly after the awfulness it really does get so so much better. You'll have loads of energy (really!) and be full of get up and go. Keep strong and you can do this!!


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Hi, thanks very much for you post Spanglymum. I did feel a wee bit better this morning albeit shattered but i managed to get through the day got home around two and had another shake and went to bed for a couple of hours. My heads still pounding though:cry:. Right now i just keep thinking how can you guys drink the same stuff over such a long period? at one point last night i was gagging while drinking the choc one which i made as a hot drink.
Keep going - it really does get better. Ive just finished week 8 and am feeling great.It really is worth the horrendous first few days and then you will be fine.
Have you tried the chocolate with a sweetner? Its much nicer i have it every night before going to bed. xx


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Thanks kathryn, ill try that next time. Dont feel too bad today although the headaches still there. Back on nightshift tonight so only had a strawberry shake so far, the veg soup tasted far better last night than it did on my firsy night i really enjoyed it, roll on Tuesday to i see all the good this has done. I could still murder a chinese though lol


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Still going strong folks but it's Saturday night which usually means Chinese if staying in. I don't feel hungry but I want one so much :-(


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Ahh Jen, cake is my biggest weakness!!

You are doing so well Joanne, keep going :) Like Kathryn said, adding a sweetener to the chocolate shake makes it taste soooo much better! I hated it at first, but with a sweetener it actually tastes like 'real' hot chocolate. If your worried about getting bored of the packs there are things you can do to to keep them interesting. Add tabasco, mix soup packs together e.g. 1/2 pack veg and 1/2 pack chicken = chicken vegetable soup! If you buy the water flavourings (i'm a cheapskate and dont!) but if you do you can add a spoonful of the orange to the chocolate shake = chocolate orange. And i've heard fruit of the forest is nice as well with chocolate.
It does get easier, just keep going :)

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