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HEX B Bread

Hi all, just a wee query about bread as a hex, I was having a slice of wholemeal bread (800g) as my HEXB, but suddenly realised the only bread of this quantity on the list was Allison Wholemeal Thick Cut bread, if it is not on the list, I assume I cant have it? My book is year and a half old, was just wondering has there been any more added or can I have a slice of any wholemeal bread? Thanks, I think Ive been messing up without realising it
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Sorry for being a pain, but it does say 57g of wholemeal bread, so it doesnt matter what size the loaf, as long as the slice/slices dont add up to more than 57g? Is that right, probably sounds very straighforward but just want to double-check
That question sounded a bit daft, of course 57g means the weight not the type of bread, I just got a bit confused, cos cant understand why they specify different brands of bread and different quantities, if that makes sense, thank you anyway


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The brands are just given as examples of the kinds you can have. Amounts should be the same - 2 slices from a small 400g loaf or 1 from an 800g loaf. These are the standard number of slices you would get without going over 57g. But if you are happy to use a few syns or have half a slice you can wangle a bit more bread for your bucks!
Hi there,
Do you know where pitta comes with regards to HE? I live in the middle east and I'm moving back to the UK in July where I can join a class and buy the books. Until then I'm muddling through by myself! I've always followed green/red, do you think extra easy works and is easier to follow??
Thanks alot!


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Only certain pitta breads are HEs - available from Asda and Co-op, so not much good for you at the moment.

If you eat meat/fish and also like your carbs then extra easy is a good choice. But if you prefer the other plans you can carry on doing them if you want to .


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Yes it would because other pittas are highly processed and have oils in them. The asda and co-op one have very few ingredients (4 off the top of my head) which are all unprocessed while the others have a range of flours, oils, additives and preservatives.

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Plum said:
Would it really make a difference if you used the aldi pittas of the same size? There's no asda or coop in Ireland
It sucks!!! I had to syn my pitta bread but decided to take the trip to asda and I got 8 packs of 6 pittas so I could stock up for a while :)

It's a pity more of the stuff we can get in Ireland is not he

The mccambridge brown bread is heb for 1.5 slices. Apart from that I have no more!!

Or it sounds like one and a half slices would still be under 57g

Or you could have 2 slices and syn the extra
just wondering, i have been having 2 slices of wholemeal bread from a 800g loaf for as long as i can remember, my consultant was ridiculous, long story, anyway just wondering how many syns would it be if i had 2 slices from an 800g loaf, and used it as healthy extra b plus some syns? thanks for any help :) xxx


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You would have to weigh it to be sure as it will depend on whether it is medium or thick sliced but likely around 2-3 syns
thanks, yeh i weighed it with 2 crusts cut off and it worked out as healthy extra b plus 2 syns, still cant beleive ive been doing it wrong the whole time! xxxx
Well if yr c had told you this was OK she needs to be told! Could affect a lot of peoples weight loss! Its only 2 slices of the 400g which you can have as a heb. And of course it has to be wholemeal., like hovis or warburtons.

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