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Hex B help plz


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Hi all

Im only allowed one hexB but my question is, Can i have 3 crackerbread instead of 6 and one alpen light instead of 2 later on, its just ive had an egg with three crackerbread and love having a hifi or alpen at night so i dont touch chocolate or crisps at night, will this be allowed??

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is there a reason why you are only allowed one hexb? if so did your consultant recommend that?

i dont think you can chop and mix. you can have for example porridge oats and a scan bran. for that you can have the porridge now and the scan bran later on instead of both at the same time. i know that for a fact as i asked my consultant over the weekend if i could have the bran as a mid morning snack and she said that was fine. so for you, you could have the 3 now and a 3 later on but i dont know if more than a few hours is ok ie 3 morning and 3 at night as its a long time between the two.


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is there a reason why you are only allowed one hexb? if so did your consultant recommend that?

yeah im following extra easy :D

Re your question. I must admit I dont know for sure what the official rule would be but I have been doing this all along and over 7 weeks I have lost 1st 1.5lbs. A steady lost of approx 2lb per week.

I dont eat all my laughing cow extra light so I have half of them and then half of the milk allowance.

Hope this helps. If I were you I would go with it and if you are still losing then its fine and swap back if you find the lose slows down.



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thanks for help all

and lol @ ee eastenders hahaha
Hi Jacqui

I split my HEX's like this all the time. I am sure the 'official' word is that you shouldn't but I often do exactly this. Like you I may have 2 ryvita in the morning and an Alpen light later on, or have my A choice as a half portion of skimmed milk plus a couple of laughing cow triangles- seems to work fine for me!

yesterday, i split my HEB (first time for me everrrrrr)

I did 2 WW brown danish instead of 3, and 1 alpen light.. so i counted it as 1 HEB and 1 syn.. as HE's tend to be about 6 syns..

ww brown danish x2 =4 1 alpen light= 3.. 7 syns so 1 HEB and 1 syn??

Is this right?? LOL

this week is going proper tits up for me. LOL
Yep - I'm a splitter too! Not regularly, but I do find it helpful.
Example: I never use my full allowance of skimmed when I have cereal in the morning, so have a bit of reduced fat cheese later on dinner usually.
Thank you!

I just think its dead cheeky that they'v changed it from a box of 6, to a box of 5 for the exact same price, unless you buy 2 packs you end up with one left over!!!

so i thought, right il give this ago lol!
lol wonder if thats a factory botch up then!

just asked my consultant.....6 crispbreads can be eaten throughout the day. which is fab cos it prevents you from snacking!:D

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