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hey all

that's a plan...get back to it fresh and with tons of motivation on Monday. You do sound a little happier than recently..:)

Hope all works out..



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Thanks hun :) think i made a sensiable descion about waiting to monday, i think trying to get back on the wagon during the week (for me) is hard, so a fresh new week, a new approach and hope for the best.

SHould i still find that im slipping im then going to come off it completely and start again in a few months time when the warmer weather arrives and can get out doors a bit more
I think that is a good way of dealing with this. You will succeed if the circumstances are right and when your heart and head are in it 100% and only you know when that is the case.
I have been thinking about CD and why I seem to have no probs sticking to it but the answer is easy: I do not have anyone to coock or care for apart from me. I can't imagine how hard it is to cook meals for family and kids and not take part in the nice bit of eating it together...
I pull my hat to all you ladies who do this..

Let us know how you get on and don't be a stranger...

Good luck again..



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Thanks girls :) your all so lovely and yep cooking for the kids is hard and that was my downfall unfortunate, Im not classing my self as a failure or beating myself up what i have done before, its just not worth it as you loose even more heart in it..

So im gonna eat what i like over the weekend and i shall be totally focused for monday and i will be back on track


Likes being a girly girl

Have you thought about doing the 790 plan?
I'm a single mummy to 3 children and like you am responsible for all the shopping, cooking etc......you name it....lol......I really struggled with SS as I know you understand........

I'm doing my own version of 790 now......and I get to eat with my children every night....I'm finding it all a squillion times easier I promise!

Can I just share a few tips with you which may help and I hope you don't think I'm speaking out of turn?......
  • Make a plan with yours and your families meals for the week/fortnight ahead (I asked my children what all their fav foods were and adapted them to make some yummy healthy meals for them all......that way there is no waste and everyone gets a say in what is cooking)
  • I also plan my own 'meals' at the same time and have them on the same chart - it may be something simple like cottage cheese salad or chicken and some veggies, but it keeps me focused and gives me something to prepare whilst the kids are all sat down tucking into their teas - I then join them with my own tea.
  • Shop on-line! If you do the menu plans, and shop on-line you will only buy what you need for the week/fortnight ahead and also stop all temptations when you actually go into a shop. I also get the kids to help me when I do my shopping, by having them run all over the house checking what we need.......:p
I know you have made a decision to start again on Monday, but try not to go to mad with the carbs etc this weekend........remember how crappy you felt getting into ketosis the first time.......
I know its all easier said than done, but if you are really determined to go for it on Monday just keep yourself focused this weekend and be kind to yourself!

(((((big hugs Emm))))) and have a lovely weekend! :)


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Hi Emm, I have to agree with what Julesy said about it being easier on the family esp kids if they see you eating healthy foods my daughter is 11 and tries to get away with eating nothing. I can't say anything to her if I am doing the same can i? I really don't want her to get any hang ups about food and I definitely think it is easier to stick to. You feel more normal. Good luck with trying again next week I have every confidence that you can do this for yourself and for your family. XX


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thanks girls, i apreciate your comments and well iwshes etc

I do most of my shoppin online and im lucky that all 3 kids will eat healthy so itsnt oo bad..

Monday will be day one again, im very dertmined to do fo both myself and my family.

I shall be having 2 shakes and 1 bar each day then least at dinner time i can si down and actually eat" something while myfamilyhas their dinner to...

Some times it takes for someone to "fall off" and have a few days "off" to get their detrmination back :)


Striving to be good.....
Hi Emm

Nice to see you again!
Like I said earlier, you know whats right for your body and for you. Good for you to decide to take a break and get yourself in the right frame of mind to start again.
It isn't easy and I salute you for your decisions. Look forward to helping you back along with things from Monday.
Enjoy your weekend sweets, be happy

Michelle x
Sounds like a good game plan Emm and if you can keep your carbs intake over the weekend low, you will struggle less when you are back in full flow on Monday. Good luck for Monday and enjoy the weekend.

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