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Hey all WW's! Im currently on a VLCD but find myself constantly miserable and demented! And being young (18!) Its hard to resuse so many nights out!! Was thinking on switching my diet to WW but was first of all wondering how many is reasonable to lose a week on this diet? If I said 2lbs average would I be way in over my head?! And how is the diet to stick to? Hope its not to tricky! Any advice would be great! Im currently 12stoneish, what sort of points per day would I be looking at? Any info. please WW's! :)
How tall are you?

The points vary on differnent factors!

I did CD up until last weekend and been struggling on & off for a few months, suffered from blocked bowls, constipation etc, and I started to miss food again!

I am going to a WW class on Tuesday but in the meantime a friend has given me her book to follow and I keep calling her!
Hey thanks for replying! Im 5 foot 4.5 ? Do you need to know anything else? Im mainly thinking about average weight loss per week. Thanks xx
I have based the points on the fact that you are:
Female: 3
Not Breasfeeding: 0
21-35: 4
Weight: 12
Height: 2
Sitting down most of the time: 0 - add 2 if you sit down now and again and are on your feet alot!
Total: 21

Average weight loss I am to believe is 1-3lbs a week, I am aiming for 2!
that sounds great! With the age thingy though, Im only 18, 19 in May, will this make any difference?? I found a whole pizza in asda with only 7 points in it!!!! I couldnt possibly eat a whole pizza lmao! Looking at the points value in meals the diet seems so easy to stick to! How many points do you earn doing cardio?? Can you save your points up for the weekend? And the weight loss seems reasonable to! 2lbs per week would be great if my body will do it!!
add an extra point as you are under 20

you can gain points by doing excersise, why don't you pop round to a WW class, it's free to register and £4.95 a week, it's up to you if you go back or not!, you will have the books... shhhh i didn't say that really!
he he! *wink wink* I may just do a month or so to get in the swing of it!! There is a class this Wednesday 6:30 which is local to me but Id hate to go alone :( My mum says she may join with me but the chances are slim!! I have a gold membership from when I was about 14 and the weight says 9 stone!!! which is my target again funnily enough!! he he! What sort of things are discussed in the weekly classes? Will I know where im at if i randomly join on wednesday if you know what i mean?? xx
I haven't been to a class for anbout 18 months, I am going on Tuesday, from what I remember they give you food tip, Ideas, ask others for their ideas, advice on excecise, making healthy choices that kinda thing...

Good Luck!
2lbs a week is a good aim for WW.

It might be worth going to WW for a while at least to get the basic books, calculator and trackers until youre into the swing of it.

Ive found the support and encouragement on here far better than any class

Don't "enjoy freddom" thing ..... you'll gain so quick .... will ruin the hard work from lighter life!

I started WW after Cambridge on 2nd Jan ... so far lost about 5lb but I stopped Cambridge just before xmas (for health reasons) and in the space of a week or so I put on 4lb so eat real sensibly .... chances are that 4lb was just glycogen/water/undigested food though so don't panic if you do gain a little in your first week.

I love WW - so easy and I love eating food now .. those food packs were yuck apart from the tetras and bars!!!

I did WW 3 years ago and lost 2 stone .