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Hey folks


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Just taking a few minutes out of my lunchbreak to catch up with peeps :) Started Atkins on Monday - after several weeks on Cambridge and so enjoying the taste of food (yum).

Not been too bad so far - though not quite cracked breakfast yet. I start reasonably early and have never really done breakfast in the week, but that does make me a might peckish by lunchtime, so I need to think of portable brekky type foods.

Have been reading loads on low carbing though - read Atkins NDR from cover to cover. Bought the Dr Clarke and Neris and India low carb books, read the first and still working through the N&I one (what a hoot).

All are very similar (ish) - I found the Dr Clarke explained the whole low carb thing a bit more simply than Atkins and how foods affect your body, metabolism, fat storage etc etc. The N&I book is funny and very practical - worth a read.

So, I've tried to stay off the scales - not sure if I'll lose much in my first week, think coming off cambridge might add pounds initially. I am, as always, struggling with drinking the volume of water you should (which I know is very important - so not helping myself here). But I shall stay focused regardless and try not to stress if the scales are unkind :)

I do look at lots of peoples posts and it all helps - bunch of motivational gurus on here - which is great.

Might have a few questions to ask when I get my head really into things - but week one so far is a winner.
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Hello and welcome! Our goals are very similar and i'm also 5ft 5in but to be honest if I could get to 10 stone I'd be so happy cuz i've been dieting for over 3yrs!!! There's a great bunch on here and will help with any questions you have. Sounds like you've done a lot of research I only read the atkins book. With regards breakfast I made a crustless quiche and keep some in the fridge for breakfast it's quick and easy. I'm not great with drinking either, all i know is for me it takes 3 liters to shift anything 2 is not enough so it makes my days busy going to the toilet!!! But thats ok i'm at home so it's easy...So good luck!!!
Hi and welcome, I'm pleased to see you. Pizza addict were you? LOL


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Hey Jellababy - a crustless quiche, sounds like a plan. Do you have the recipe?
Hey Jim - a pizza addict?

Well, weighed myself this morning and i've stayed the same. Am a little disappointed - even 1lb would have been nice. I think perhaps because I'm not drinking enough water and perhaps not eating enough. Coming off Cambridge I'm finding it hard to eat much. I did the first day or two, but then my portion sizes have really shrunk (and of course no brekkies).

I also need to vary my choices - basically having meat and salad for lunch, with meat and veg or omelettes for tea. Already getting a little bored with mayo with the salad for lunch. I have seen such great recipes on here and in the books i've read, so I need to stock my cupboards a little better and start cooking some more interesting meals.

I am convinced low carbing is the way forward - so must stay motivated. Having to change my mindset - am so used to 3lb weekly losses on Cambridge.

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Hi Domino - Pizza addict = domino pizza, i think that's what Jim meant!

STS is ok, at least you've not gained! plus, you need to get used to eating food again - you're body will catch up, don't worry. Just keep up the water intake and watch what you're eating - are you making sure you're getting enough veg in?

If you're bored of mayo, look for low carb vinaigrettes and dressings, or make your own?

Good luck this week. X


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hey hon. good luck!!

breakfast might be a good idea... it will get your metabolism moving a bit earlier in the morning :)

i have brought two hard boiled eggs to work with me this morning (i start work at 7am) and they have just been very welcome :D

abz xx
Got it in one Jar.

Domino, you myst eat breakfast, it starts the body metabolism going. You need more water as well love.

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If you're bored of mayo, look for low carb vinaigrettes and dressings, or make your own?
I can't remember who it was but someone on here once recommended Cardini salad dressings and I am still immensely grateful to them. The Italian one is the lowest carb and contains no added sugar.


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Hello Domino, I am not a breakfast person either so I have a protein shake, 2.2 carbs. I buy the powder from Natures Best or eggs hard boiled the day or days before so that they're there when I need them.
Good luck.
Hi Domino - Pizza addict = domino pizza, i think that's what Jim meant!
aha - I get it now :doh: forgive me being a bit dense :D hee hee. I chose Domino in homage to my 3 black and white cats.

Thanks all for the tips - defo going to look out for some Cardini salad dressings and will make an extra effort to sort brekkies out. Am on holiday at the moment - hmm, holiday meaning off work using my precious leave to decorate - but it's gotta be done.

Hoping for at least 1 or 2 lbs off this week.

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