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Hey gang- feels like I've been away aaaages!

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Hi there my lovely ladies and gents!

Well I've had a crazy couple of weeks and have hardly managed to get on here at all- just to post my WI on Tues.

Looks like there have been some great losses, so well done guys- you're my motivation/inspiration on dark days!!!

Looks like there are a few peeps struggling too- I'm wondering if it's the time of year? Lots of comforting warm stodgy meals around our homes and it's not exactly fun to be necking cold water when it's nithering outside!!

As some of you know it was the anniversary of my Mum passing away this week, AND I had inspectors in the school I work in. The good news is that I got through both without falling off the wagon. In fact *bragging alert* I actually got graded 'outstanding' for the lessons they came to observe!!! I'm pretty stoked with that as I'd put in 85 hours of work in the week running up to it!

Soooo it's got to the weekend and to be honest I feel a bit rubbishy- emotionally, physically, mentally drained, but Scarlet O'hara style (but less skinny and glam) tomorrow IS another day!

One thing that I'm a bit concerned about is that I've been having really bad dizzy spells and actually fainted yesterday. Don't know if this is related to LT or just the exhausting week I've had. My Dad was going mad with me saying that my blood sugar and blood pressure must be really low due to LT and that I should eat something- even just a chicken salad or something. Any thoughts on this?

Anyway- I've really missed you guys and I see there are new people I don't even know, so I'll have to get back again soooon to catch up with everything!

Lots of love

Luce xxxx
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Welcome back babes, congrats on staying focused during these crazy weeks.

I was just thinking, If I was in your shoes I would ask the pharmacy to check me out on my weigh in day and maybe do 1 week of refeed and then restart on tfr after that week. You will still lose on refeed but it will be small loses. Maybe it will be good for you to take a break and still lose within that break. If you eat other stuff on refeed that you are not ment to, then it becomes hard to get back into it. If you feel that you can stick to refeed then I would advise 1 week of it.

What ever you decide, good luck my darling :)


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Ah well done on getting through this week honey you are brilliant to not fall off at a time like this :worthy:

Hmmm about the dizzyness .... i have it all the time. Every single time i get up no matter how slowly i get up etc. I wouldnt eat anything just yet but maybe go to the doc and get your blood pressure tested and explain to him/her about your diet and then take the docs advice. It was most probably down to the hectic and stressfull week you had so lets hope this next one is a better one for you :) :hug99: xxx
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You've had such fab weight loss, it could be all a bit drastic and your body is struggling to keep up.
I would get my blood pressure and sugar levels checked out asap. Your best bet might be a walk in surgery. Call NHS to ask where there is one near you.


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hey hun, glad u got through ur tough week. knew u could do it.

been as u fainted think u should get checked out at doctors. i get dizzy quite alot but not actually fainted.

hope this week is better for u

x x
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Im the same as the others always dizzy and some days wen i do too much i do feel very close to collapsing but i always find the strength to not fall down. i tink your fainting was prob due to working so hard and not having enough energy to deal with it.

Its really up to you hun wat you do but i wud say you shud get checked just in case but i do believe the fainting was due to you doin more than your body had fuel for. Ketosis doesnt always produce enough energy some days and others it gives you loads of energy its a gamble.

Glad your back its been VERY quiet on this forum so really missed your great posts.

Congrats on getting such an amazing result for your lessons 'outstanding' is out of this world never heard of anyone getting dat so really well done!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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So glad for you that the week passed off well. Well done on flying through the inspection. Agree with other replies on the dizziness, may well be as you have been so busy but most important to get it checked if it has been going on for a while. First stop is the pharmacy and see what they advise. Keep well, keep strong!
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Ooh, well done! Sounds like you've been doing brilliantly!! Outstanding, eh?

I'm obviously no expert on the fainting front - but I actually had a near miss on the train to university the other day (I ended up having to slide down the wall & sit on the floor as I had that rushing in my ears that comes just before you faint!) & I'm pretty sure that's because I've been sleeping really badly lately (about two hours a night, boo) & then having to go to uni early. So, I reckon it's probably just from all the rushing around you've been doing? As you've not had these issues with LT before, have you? That said, to be on the same side I'd look into what your BP is!

Good luck!! :)



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well done on all counts Luce x
brill loss,brill results from school too.

pop to the nurse and get your blood pressure checked out.
as been said before though it may just have been that you've been rushing around and been under more pressure than normal hun.

hope all's ok x

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