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Green Days Hey guys.. Just wondered..

Hey guys,

I really enjoy green days but seem to end every day that I do them worrying i'll gain and feeling ive eaten too much. I did WW for a long time and even after 3 months find the concept of 'free' food a bit daunting.
Its * week for me so to avoid fatty carbs ive stuck to green or EE.
Just wondered if anyone did green religiously & managed to lose consistently?

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What are "fatty carbs"?!

You will lose weight on green. Veggies do green all the time and lose weight. Have faith in the plans. Eat until you are satisfied and you will be fine.

If you feel you've eaten too much, eat a bit less next time. Green days are fab and not all about carbohydrate - try beans and pulses instead if you like green days.
Things like buns, pastries etc :)
Thanks jaylou did get a 2lb loss day before * week came and had been doing green.. Just need to relax a little maybe xxx


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I've been 100% Green since February '08, apart from two single solitary EE days a couple of months ago. I've lost three stone. OK, it's been very slow, but I'm not in any hurry - once it's gone, I know it aint not coming back!


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I'm vegetarian and did green every day. I never had a week where I gained and although there were several where I sts that is perfectly normal whichever plan you follow. And it obviously worked because I lost 7 stone in 11 months ;)
Thanks girls. Amazing results.
Just ive had pasta for tea didnt really want pasta again but having spag bol. Do you thibk
having pasta twice in a day is too much? xx
For lunch* sorry xx


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Personally I always tried not to have the same free food more than once a day, so if I had rice pudding for brekkie I wouldn't have rice for dinner. There are so many free foods on green that it's easy to have variety every day and I do believe that it helps losses. But that said, one day isn't going to make a huge difference.


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I only ever do green and I have lost 59lbs in 16 weeks :p

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