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hey there!


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Hey all, just thought I'd come by and say hello! :)

So I'm 18 right now, and I live in London...I'm starting uni in october and would love to have gotten close to my goal weight by then...new start and all that jazz right?

Let's see...I was 18'10 before Christmas which was the highest it's been...it went down to 16'13 then straight back up within the week..*omg* and now it's about 17'10 if I'm at home...

I started weightwatchers....6weeks ago?? And have lost 9 pounds so far...which is kinda dissapointing but 9 is 9 I guess :(...

I think 11st is about my goal...I'm about a 18/20 so I think 11st is realistic for me :):) does that sound about right?

At the moment I'm kinda stuck...I need a major kick up the butt methinks :eek: any help would be totally appreciated so...I'll shh now because this message looks mahoosive hehe :rolleyes:

Me x
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Hi Miss J
Welcome aboard. Firstly, well done on what you've achieved so far. A great loss there!

Good news about Uni too. I'm in my second year as a mature student at the University of Chichester doing a BA Hons in English and Creative Writing with Heritage Studies (yes - a bit of a mouthful!) What are you going to be studying?

I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and following your progress :)


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Yay thanks :p and yea I think I've given up on 'goal' 'ideal' 'bmi' and anything else 'weight' because its always different and I think I'd look kinda retarded at 9st (bmi thingymabobby) so pound at a time methinks :D


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Heh thanks...I'm gonna be doing an art foundation then animation degree at newport in wales and it would be fab to start it being a *lil* (hah ;);)) slimmer :)
Very wise ... we can all get too hung up about numbers and off-the-peg 'ideals'. We need to learn when WE feel good and what's right for US as individuals. If I get to a BMI of 26 and decide enough is enough then I'll stop - regardless of the fact I'm technically still 'overweight'. Mind you, I've got a long way to go before I get anywhere close to a BMI of 26!


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hah tell me about it...I think I went through a phase of spending more time on my scales than I did off...which didn't help! Sometimes it's like 'wow look how much its gone down' but that fluctuation things a real killer heh....But I think I've ditched that habit now lol...


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Congratulations missjelly. It's not easy trying to diet and study at the same time. I am sure you will do very well. Are you going to WW classes or doing it youself? And have a look at the WW section and you will see our Starlight who has now lost about 10 stone on WW

Irene xx


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Thanks Irene! Yea it's not, but I'll get there lol...I'm going to the class things every week with my mum, our friend and her daughter who I think is about..22? So its kinda good going with someone my age who I know...:)
Well done so far mj
Hopefully it will help with a few of you doing it together. Wish I had tackled my weight when I was 18 instead of now in my mid thirties. Better late than never I suppose!
Heh thanks...WI..yesterday(?)...and only lost 1 1/2 *sigh* I think im more dissappointed losing less than I thought than putting on less than I thought...weird o_O only 3 1/2 more till a WW stone though *yay*


wannabe yummy mummy
hey 1.5lbs is 1.5lbs. Thats 3 blocks of lard! :D You'll have a stone off before you know it!
Yea I know!! Exciting stuff huh? Hehe I guess I'm exagerating (only a lil ;)) 3 blocks of lard?? What I want to know is where does it go?? *poof*

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