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  1. Hey everyone I am new to the forum here!
    I'm 28 and have the wonderful PCOS lol!
    I was diagnosed when i was 16 and have suffered with weight, no periods and body hair
    Me and my husband have been ttc for a number of years now with no luck I have been on a ton of diets but just not been able to shift the sort of weight I want or need
    I have booked in with a Cambridge Diet consultant and with the stuff I have been reading I am feeling optimistic
    I need to get this weight of to be able to have the fertility drugs
    so fingers crossed!
    love to chat to anyone in the same sort of circumstance!
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    Hey Hun

    Sorry to hear you're struggling with ttc. I wasn't diagnosed with PCOS until September 2011 at 30 even though I've had the symptoms all my life. Both ovaries are completely full of cysts, I rarely ovulate and I have maybe one period a year, two if I'm lucky. We started ttc in 2011 (before my diagnosis) and after just short of 18 months we saw our doctor. After initial tests, a few months later we were referred to a fertility consultant who decided to do a lap & dye test first to check there were no other problems. I had it done in March 2013 and it turned out I also have endometriosis. I was told I'd need another op to remove the endo then could have clomid, possibly about October last year. We decided to have a break from ttc (didn't use anything but dtd no more than 3-4 times) until after my op. On 11th May last year I found out I was pregnant and Cole was born on NYE 2013. I'm laid watching him sleep in his cot now and I still can't get believe that he's here, he's mine and that he's almost six months old!!
    Have you been to your doctor? Once you've been ttc for 12 months they can refer you for tests to make sure there's nothing else going on. I've wanted a baby since I was 20 (I'm 32 now) and tried with my ex hubby in the past so in all I've tried for about 5 years. But it's completely worth it, I promise. Fingers crossed it happens for you soon xx
  4. Thanks so much for your kind words and a glimpse of hope :)
    Yeah I have been to the doctors there is nothing else wrong with me apart from the PCOS my husband was checked also which came up fine
    I have been pregnant before I have had 5 miscarriages this was in the first few years of our marriage,
    They can't give me a reason for them I do have a tilted womb though they say I'm just one of the unlucky ones
    We stopped trying for a bit I just couldn't cope but we have been trying again for the past 5 years, after my losses I gained a lot of weight so I am sure that is a huge factor. The doctors have offered me clomid but I need to loose 10% of my body weight which is why I have decided to do CD, they will also stitch me and they have told me to be in a wheelchair during pregnancy to help so I'm still going I will get there :) x
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    hey hun... im sorry you are going through this. is it the fact that you're struggling to carry or to sustain pregnancy? i.e are your losses early? as it could be linked to progesterone?
    I had also been trying for 5 yrs, I got diagnosed with PCO initially as my bloods showed I ovulated and hormone check was good... I had lap and dye- no problems there... I did have ovarian drilling and clomid (had a chemical pregnancy) hubby is borderline with his results and also has other problems which I am sure were the reason I wasn't getting pregnant but anyway. I began IVF route and so had to get my work up again and my blood ALL were worse, and im almost 100% this was down to me putting on weight (almost 2st between tests) so yes, I would defo try my best to lose it ( I wish I had just got on with it in the first place and hopefully avoided 5 yrs of hell) but I only lost it 3 months before my IVF (and my IVF worked) :D I know it says even 10% can help, but I would keep going until you are comfortable and if a surprise happens then that's great! I am not back on CD to shift pregnancy pounds and im almost back to where I started :) wishing you all the luck in the world. My other advice would be take your temperature as charting you temp you can learn a lot about your cycle and things you can change to help.- im no dr but done ALOT of research in my 5yrs TTC. best of luck xxxxxxx
  6. Hey :) my losses were late into pregnancy the earliest was 16 weeks, this was in the first few years of my marriage but I have been unable to conceive at all for the last few years,
    10% is the minimum I have been told to loose before they can give me clomid but I aim to loose a lot more not just because I can then have treatments but to ensure I am healthy for pregnancy and after
    Thanks so much for your kind words I am charting also
    It's a journey I hope will have a happy ending :)
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    I too had had a turbulent time with fertility & PCOS. I was diagnosed at 18 and was told that I was I likely to have children. I focused on uni & my career and fell pregnant with my son when I was 22 which came as an amazing surprise. When my son was 2 we tried again for another hold but struggled to conceive & suffered many early miscarriages. After 5 tough intense years with Metfromin & Clomid we were blessed with our daughter.

    I am now in the position where I would love to have another baby however I feel very lucky to have my 2 children and am not sure that I go go through the roller coaster again.

    Good luck to you on your journey, for your info I weighed 11 stone when I fell pregnant with my son and 13 stone when I fell pregnant with my daughter. With both pregnancies I felt amazing, my body felt as though it hormonally was normal and I lost 2 stone throughout the pregnancies. 4
    Months after the births though all of the PCOS symptoms would return and I had put all of the weight back on xxx
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