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Heya another newbie!

Hi, thought i would introduce myself, since i am going to start the Dukan diet in a week :)

Im Kate, living in Sheffield and i am in need to loose weight since i want to get pregnant and have a healthy baby!

I weigh almost 21 stone :cry: and i am looking to loose 6 stone and then while dieting try and get pregnant, i weighed 13 stone when i met my fella 5 years ago and would love to get back down to this weight.

Anyways nice to meet you all, i am reading the book at the minute as it was delivered today along with the recipe book.

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Hi I'm Louise. Two off two to loose. Welcome. I am on day one of attack and will support if I can! I have asked loads of questions today and people been kind and helpful xxx
Awwww thanks Louise!

Going to spend another half hour reading the diet book, im only on page 53 lol

I bought a few other low carb recipe books, so if i find anything yummy i will definitely have to add it to the recipe section!


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Welcome PPK... and I hope we can help with any question you might have. One tip: avoid those cookery books at the outset, even Dukan's recipe book. There are errors in there, and unnecessarily carby ingredients, so until you're well into your Cruise phase and understand the diet, I'd keep well away... sorry for the cash outlay! I've got the Dukan recipe book and we can check things before you try them.

Very glad you're saying hello a week before starting. I advise emptying cupboards of tempting treats between now and then, also some social life organisation if you find it awkward around family and friends; lastly menu and shopping planning is crucial to the diet as rarely will you find something Dukan friendly when you're out in a hurry and starving.

Good luck!
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hi welcome on board ...good luck and just ask if you need to know anything
thanks for the warm welcome :D

I have just done my online shopping and ordered in preparation for next week :D stocking up on the good stuff and getting rid of the bad over the next few days haha

Im only on page 91 of the book but im going to try and read it all over the next couple of days and get my head around it.

Just remembered i need to get camera back from MIL so i can take my "before" pics and post them up for motivation.


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Hi Kate, welcome to the forum. Your planning sounds like it's going well, preparation is so important for dukan. Are you looking forward to getting started?

I'm a newbie too - on day 3 of attack and seem to be doing ok apart from feeling really rough yesterday. Everyone on here has been so kind and helpful.

Good luck with your loss.
Hi, yeah i cant wait to start, not decided which day i am going to start next week, going to make sure i have everything i need and that i understand the concept (which i think is pretty simple to begin with but i have my blonde moments - even though i have dark brown hair now :p)

Evenings are my worse time when i want to stuff my face so i might have to get a hobby or something.

Ooooh it feels like a little family on here :D
lol we all have blonde moments as ur on my facebook im sure ul read loads of mine pmsl,

evenings are also my worst time,used to rum and coke and choc chip cookies lol,oh and a bottle of lager to take up to bed and watch tv.

as in most diets its the lifestyle that has to change,
good luck with everything im sure you will do well

sue x


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I find it helps to keep back some of my oatbran allowance (either toffee muffins or sweet galette) for the evening to have as a 'pudding' and as it's so filling I don't feel the need to snack after that! The muffins ate so cakey they do just the job :)


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hi, i'm a newbie too, starting tomorrow.
Good reminder about pics taken (though dreading looking at them!).
Had pics done the last time, but not from the start.
Hi can I join you too?? Am going to give Dukan a go starting tomorrow .....

All the best mini x x


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There's a thread called "Daily Menus". Please join in (preferably posting a day ahead if you want your menu to be checked!). Post quantities too (without manically weighing)

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