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Yes it's fantastic isn't it!! I've been on it loads and have had great recipe ideas and lots of support from people! You can post anything on here and vent your frustrations at a situation that's annoyed you (I did this earlier) and lots of lovely people will reply to you with wonderfully supportive and wise words and you end up feeling much more positive! It's a great way to be able to give and receive support between people who are all striving towards the same goal!! Look forward to chatting to you sharktail12 and good luck with your journey! Looks like you and I have about the same to lose! I've done 13.5 lb so far and feel much better for it already! It's taken me 10 weeks but I'm happy with that!X


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Hi all! I have just joined this site to have a good support unit for my new years diet (another one). I have lost 4 stone before, but like sharktail12 put it all back on...and a little more! So I know I can do it. I am basically doing healthy eating and counting the cals and tommorow am joining the gym today! Am sick of my figure and health and want to do something about it! woo hooo! I have just watched that inspiration slide show too, wow is all I can say, it is definately one to watch whenever I want to cheat!

Good Luck!!
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ooo weigh in tmrw not looking forward to it, i hate the first one lol. Congrats on your weightloss so far fun curls your doing great lets hope i catch you up soon!


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Good luck with the weigh in tomorrow! x