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HHmmm not fair! ... i want a wii fit!!!!!


Going From Flab to FAB!


has started again!!
Got mine when they came out, from John Lewis. Feeling v guilty tho, as after first flush of enthusiasm, dont touch it much now!! oops, sorry.

I need a virtual lick up bum, methinks!!!


Going From Flab to FAB!
thanks :) i did do a search at game but they only have the bundles and i dont need the wii as ive got that ... and argos when i did store search they dont have any in my area! ...
amazon are out of stock to! :( why is it when i set my heart on somting i gotta wait lol
I was surprised to find them in stock at Asda when they were running really low a few months back. Might be worth a try if you have one near you?



Silver Member
ohh i didnt think asda wud of sold them. i had a look on ebay not long ago and they were seling them for loadsssssssssss because so many people want one.
I got mine of amazon yesterday, paid a bit more for it but on the run up to christmas they are only going to get more and more rare :-( My partners mate has one and says they are brilliant, can't wait til its delivered.Mind you, i've got to get a wii to play it on haha

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