Hi all first time here

Big Stu

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Hi all
Just discovered this forum and looking forward to being a regular contributor :)

Had a bit of a shock before Christmas I vistited the doctor with some pain in my left leg and as part of my examination discovered i am 24st 10lbs :eek:

I was told I have to lose 141lbs to get to a healthy weight , Not decided what diet to follow yet but wanted to get Xmas out of the way.

I know I have a long way to go but trying not think about having to lose 10 Stone :sigh:
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Hi and welcome. Try not to think of the whole amount to lose but small mini targets.

Do you intend to go to a class or do it alone?

Irene xx


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hi, welcome to minimins and good luck :)


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Hello Big Stu,

Welcome and good luck to losing the weight, we are all in the same boat so if you need any help or advice just ask and we will be more than pleased to help. :wavey:


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:)Hi Big Stu!

I'm new too and like you I need to lose around 10stone to be at an healthy weight and wanted to wait until after xmas aswell(ate sooo much-yum)....I don't plan to aim for the full 10stone at the moment but I instead aiming for 4st for this year and would like to see the difference with clothes size - if that makes sense.

Oh and like you it was an appointment at the hosp that made me realise just how much I had put on since my last visit.....and the xmas pics my family have all got on their facebook pages where I noticed I had far too many chins!

Good luck with the weightloss, I'll look forward to reading your updates!


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Hi Big Stu! I'm new too. Have you decided which diet you are going to try? There seem to be so many. I'm going to try Lipotrim as I know I am totally addicted to food! And my friend started this and has lost 4 stone already after 3 months! I'm just hoping it does the same for me and that i have some will power! :fingerscrossed:

Anyway just thought I'd say hi and wish you good luck. And Daney too. Oh and i ahve around 8 stone to lose.


S: 20st12lb C: 20st8lb G: 14st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.37%)
Hey thanks kokokisses. I'm going to have a look into Lipotrim, ive seen a few ppl mention it but Ive never really looked into anything else other than cutting back.

Cutting back is hard thought cos i feel hungry and keep thinking about chocolate! Oh and eating healthy this week has cost me a blimmin fortune! Can't win haha.

Good luck! xx


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Welcome! I am new too and starting saturday! :D


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Welcome! You've sure made a great start by heading here. You'll get so much support, no matter how you chose to get to grips with the weight loss. x


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Well I've started today! How are you all doing? xxx

Mumma K

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welcome to the forum big Stu and good wishes for your future weight loss journey you can do it