Hi all glad to be back couldnt get on site!


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So glad to be back here. Couldnt get on site for ages, problem with servers (so im told) was getting withdrawal symptoms :eek: . Weight loss is going fab should have lost 2 stone by this week :D Trousers are now officially falling down ;)
Glad your back and doing well!

Did you have your meetup last Saturday?

Dizzy x
No we didnt meet up as i couldnt get on the site to finalise it. I will have to try and do it another time now. Sorry to anyone who was thinkin of coming but servers were down at tiscali or somethin, or so and email from minimins said.
I had same problem with the site. I didn't understand why. I'm with tiscali but could see other sites. It was soooooooooooo frustrating - not that I'm an addict! ;)